Full Stack Junior Developer at BNBHelper

at Shoreditch Tech Ventures in London

(₤27000 per year)

Job Title: Full Stack Junior Developer

Hours: Full Time (part-time can be considered on case-by-case basis)

Joining: Start Immediately

Location: Shoreditch, East London

About the founder – Sam Ghosh

I am a city-based professional in my mid-30s. I co-founded a company called Earthmiles as a CTO, that focuses on health-rewards and incentives (https://earthmiles.co.uk/) and now working on a new business that will be launched in summer 2017.

Prior to this, I have been working in banking/hedge fund for over 10 years, and then started a city-based fund with a couple of ex-colleagues (www.voltairecap.com).

I am well connected in the finance and startup scenes in London. I am also a property investor and focus on holiday-lets/short-term rentals and construction/conversion in certain areas in London.

Here is my Linkedin profile – http://bit.ly/2hPRV1l

I have built production quality systems, supporting total users of more than 100,000, from scratch – ground up and with 80%+ of codebase written by myself.

As the CTO of Earthmiles, I built the entire backend and front-end Android codebase from scratch, in Python/Django and Android respectively and also the current website. It supports over 80,000 users
Fashbae – another site I built from scratch (Django Backend + React/Redux frontend) has over 20,000 users

Technology Stack

Below is our tech-stack and we want someone who knows some of it, and has the enthusiasm and capacity to learn the others very fast

DJango Framework and Python.
Django Rest Framework
Python Social Auth – and integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter
AWS EC2 deployment, using several AWS services
Celery; RabbitMQ or Redis Queue
Django testing framework – – unit, functional and integration testing (Jenkins)
Test driven Django
Logging systems – Logentries, sentry, opbeat
Django-viewflow – an esoteric package that is really useful and I have talked about in several Django conferences in UK
Scraping using python scrapy
Sample txthttps://gist.github.com/somghosh/2e8e45cff86be22d30c0eea4791333b3

React JS/ Redux framework

React JS + React-redux framework
I use https://github.com/react-boilerplate/react-boilerplate and adhere to general framework.
Sample jsonhttps://gist.github.com/somghosh/a65552923a631911e569264404cc52f9

Java and Android programming – with demonstrable apps on the Play Store if possible

REST API and asynchronous programming techniques, some working knowledge of backend systems that servers data to front end
Working with UX designers in the past – should have good UI/UX skills that can be used to continuously improve the product
Database – I use Realm.io
Integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter SDK
Knowledge of various third-party packages that can be leveraged upon – we use Retrofit, GSON, Lombok, Parceler, Cardslib, Android Annotations, Picasso, OKHTTP,
Unit and Functional testing
Sample build.gradle dependencies – https://gist.github.com/somghosh/2a081f42e1d59ed26a7519d8a5c25099

Objective-C and/or Swift iOS programming with demonstrable apps on the App Store

REST API and asynchronous programming techniques, some working knowledge of backend systems that servers data to front end
Working with UX designers in the past – should have good UI/UX skills that can be used to continuously improve the product
Integration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter SDK
Knowledge of various third-party packages that can be leveraged upon
Unit and Functional testing

Knowledge of these technologies would be useful but not essential

Git and continuous integration systems
Analytics platform like Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Keen.io, Segment.io
Push Notifications architecture (GCM and APNS)
Mailing systems – MailChimp, Mandrill and their integrations with Django
Helpdesk systems like Zendesk and integration with Django

What will you be working on – BNBHelper

BNBHelper and its core product Zerlock is a suite of tools to help different players in the short-term holiday rental market streamline their business. The sharing-economy in real-estate has been a buzz word for the last few years and will only be increasing in its reach over the next 5 years and with increasing players in the market, there is a need for technological tools to help such market participants. BNBHelper is creating a suite of such tools

This startup comes out of my experience in the real-estate market for last 3 years to simplify pain points for hosts in the short-term rental market in UK and abroad. It is being backed by some high net-worth property investors in UK and by BOK Construction (http://www.bokconstruction.co.uk/) a London based construction company focussing on high-end construction

Different coding/development streams include:

  • AI engine / chat bot for replying to guest enquiries and post-booking questions faster
  • Scraping of quasi-open data to infer market competition analysis
  • Home automation in several different ways to have total picture of when guests check in, which rooms they use and when, improved security and improved customer-service messaging. We will play around with various Internet of Things technologies available today and pick the best ones and integrate them in our project and improve upon them
  • A guest-composite score analysis using heavy use of scraping, machine learning and other algorithms to separate good guests from bad guests.
  • Scaling up all of the above to a production-ready level

There is existing code-base for all of these above but a lot of ongoing work is still necessary and in the business roadmap.

Who a we looking for:

A junior developer with “stay hungry, stay foolish” mindset, who has proven track record of “hacking” from his bedroom/dorm-room for a considerable period of time.

You love knowing and learning new technologies and using them towards practical applications and solving real-life problems and making cool things

Solving that nagging bug, or learning that new intricate package to fit into your codebase keeps you up till late night.

You can think and build things from first-principles when necessary, but also know how to use existing packages and join their dots and integrate them well to the desired end.

College-programming degree is great, but not essential. I have mentored and helped junior developers in the past to the point that they single-handedly maintain full-stack (front end + backend) code bases for actual commercial apps for well-funded startups currently, and I will be helping you out in a similar manner and you will work very closely with me (at least 3-4 hours of face to face time each day)

You should be able pick up things fast as you will have a lot to learn. I encourage you having an aim to perhaps starting your startup within 2-3 year’s time from all the knowledge gained (tech/marketing/fund-raising) from this experience.

If you are keen, I will be happy to expand your role to more than a developer (to help in marketing/business/fund-raise) in the near future, given your enthusiasm and ability. It is in fact encouraged.

The job requires a good attitude towards problem-solving and debugging, and working under tight-schedule.

You should aim to work 5-5.5 days a week, sometimes under tight schedule but when there are no pressing needs, you are welcome to work on your own projects for 1 day a week – which I will happily work with you on/mentor/advise/invest into if appealing.

Compensation – £27000 per annum equivalent

Probationary period: 2-5 months depending on your current experience – GBP 1000 / month (net in hand)
Post probation – GBP 1500 / month (net in hand)

You would have a probationary period of 3 months, post which we will have a longer term permanent engagement agreement.

Bonus – after completion of 1 year – GBP 3500 minimum contractual (and more depending on you performance and business performance)

You can expect periodic revisions in compensation every year at least (if not earlier) and being assigned stock options after the first fund-raise of BNBHelper. Also you can expect very healthy increase after the completion of 1st year.

If you have present commitments, for the right candidate a part-time agreement for an initial period (at a different compensation level) will also be considered till you free up to become full-time

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Published at 25 Mar 2017
Expires on 25 May 2017

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