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Sports Technology Graduate Software Developer & Support Engineer
at Precision Sports Technologies

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  • London
  • fulltime
*About PST:*
Based in East London, Precision Sports is a fully funded sports science start up developing a next-generation wearable technology and machine-learning A.I. sports science service that allows us to monitor and reduce the likelihood of injuries for sports people of various levels and ages.

At Precision Sports our goal is simple; to help athletes of all levels and all over the world reduce their chances of injuries and improve performance and success in sports. Performance and risk of injury are two sides of the same coin, and at Precision Sports we want to help athletes find their individual line between performance and pain. We want to provide Sports Science services, technologies and analytics to the sporting world whether they are a team or an individual, elite or amateur, all based on the most relevant and valid research available.

We are already working with several high-profile athletes and sports teams, and we’re aiming to have our first launch of our Precision WEAR Team System in Summer 2017, with the “prosumer” version of the Precision WEAR available later in the year.

*The Role:*
The role is a fantastic opportunity to become a key influence in a large multi-platform system as well as work closely with athletes and sports teams all over the world. The work will generally be split between:

* You will become the main developer working directly for the hands-on CTO.
* This allows direct access to all parts of the system, including the C# engine, WPF app, iOS app, ASP .Net web server and USB driver.
* The precise area(s) you would work on depend on your skills, ambitions and interests, but it provides a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge and industry experience in a range of different technologies.

* We will be selling to providing a service to a number of teams, some of them high-profile, who all require support to understand and meet their requirements as well as help to overcome or fix any issues they face.
* You will be the first line support and therefore you will be the main point of contact for all our customers to begin with.
* This is a rare opportunity to directly interact with athletes and sports teams over a range of different sports from football, to rugby and even American football, as well as gain valuable skills related to customer relations.

* In order to improve the user experience as well as reduce the support effort required, continuous testing of the product will be required.
* Part of the role will include using the product in real world situations as well as maintaining and improving the current automated test framework.

*The Candidate:*
As part of the role we are keen to help you develop your skills and knowledge in a range of different areas, and so we don’t necessarily expect someone to be experienced or knowledgeable in every technology we use. Therefore the role will particularly suit a graduate, or someone early in their career, who is looking for a huge jump in their career development.

There are certain skills and attributes which will be necessary to succeed in this role:
* A can-do attitude, with a desire to solve problems even if they are outside your area of expertise or comfort zone.
* A strong work ethic which means you always try and maximise your output (while maintaining a healthy work life balance).
* Knowledge or experience with object orientated programming (C#, C++ or Java).
* Strong personal skills, which will allow you to interact professionally and effectively with a range of high-profile customers as well as our team.
* A desire to maximise the quality of your work, which means you always ensure your work is tested to an appropriate degree as well as conforms to all necessary standards and guidelines.
* Good organisational skills, which will allow you to work on a number of projects or issues in parallel.

There are also a few skills which would be desirable, though not necessary:
* We are a team which is passionate about sports, and while this is not a requirement to be effective in the role, at least a tolerance of sport will help to understand the context of the work as well as work with our constant sport discussions and debates.
* Knowledge and experience with creating and executing test plans.
* Experience with large C# applications and/or ASP .Net web servers.
* Previous work on iOS apps, including submitting apps to Apple app store.
* Experience with USB drivers.

*What We Offer:*
We believe we are a fantastic place to work, for a number of reasons including:
* We offer a completely relaxed start-up environment, including no hard limit to holiday allowance and full flexibility around real-life requirements which come up. One of our overriding philosophies is that happy and comfortable team members are far more productive and therefore much better for all of us.
* We are all sports fanatics and interact with several clubs and athletes, meaning that we can provide an unparalleled access to the sports industry, and an opportunity to interact with high profile athletes and clubs.
* We genuinely believe in and are excited about the revolutionary nature of our product and the benefits we think it can bring to sports teams and athletes.
* We are committed to helping every member of our team develop their skills in several areas, so this is a huge opportunity for some ambitious but not necessarily experienced to make a big leap in their career.
* Our technology covers many different areas, meaning that you will have a wide range of things to work on and learn about.
* As first line support, you will have the opportunity travel all over the world and provide support to our high-profile clients and distributors, with likely travel and covered expenses to our key markets of Europe, the Middle East and the USA.
* Opportunity for share options.
* Competitive Salary

Be part of a start up that is aiming to change the face of sports technology, and join us on our journey to reduce injuries and provide sports-science to the rest of the world. #stayinthegame

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