Head of Growth, Sales and Marketing Co-founder

at Social Greetings Cards in Thatcham

They say every business needs two people. One who makes the product and one who sells it.

I am in need of the latter.

My name is Eddie and I’m the creative mind behind Social Greetings Cards – “Celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family on social media in an easy, stylish and fun way!” Check them out here: socialgreetingscards.com

Unlike other brands you may have worked with, every fan and follower out there on the social media spectrum is a potential customer as my Social Greetings Cards are especially designed for people on social media.


This role would be a partnership and I would like to sell myself to you just as much as you would have to to me…

I believe in the product and would prefer to spend my time creating these cards rather than guessing who to target them at. From the sales made so far, the feedback has been great! I have many plans for future products and believe it is something which will take off due to the benefits and product features outlined on my website.

I have always been involved with starting businesses since the age of 11 where I won a Business and Enterprise competition selling skateboard stickers. I have started a few other companies targeting people interested in Bushcraft and survival, selling one of these companies. Over the last 12 months, I aided my brother in setting up his own business, which offer athletic fit jeans; starting the social media channels, launching a successful competition, designing all of the graphics and organising professional photoshoots: www.olympvs.co.uk

I do consider myself to be a a great manager and people person and I would be looking for a partner I can get on well with throughout the process. I have a calm temperament and I am very easy going as I don’t stress easily – it would be awesome if you were the same!

The Market:
Greetings cards market increases in the UK by 5% each year.
We Brits buy and send more greetings cards than anywhere else in the world – 33x a year.
The greetings cards market in the UK is worth £1.7 Billion!
85% of greetings cards are bought by women.
Sale of birthday cards have the largest increase (+10.4%) – All data via the official Greetings Cards Association

Where I’m at:

I have launched the store on Shopify. I have addressed SEO but haven’t fully optimised it. A knowledge of SEO would be great in order to target the thousands of people searching for ‘e-cards’ and other keywords each month.

I have dabbled in Facebook and Google ads, but to be honest, I have no idea what I’m doing – I need someone who does.

I have created an affiliate program which aims to turn customers into influencers by utilising their own social media followers by sharing the products. All the information about the affiliate program can be found here: affiliates.socialgreetingscards.com
You could spend some of your time on recruiting key affiliate marketers to do some of the work for you?

I am great at making SlideShare decks: https://www.slideshare.net/SocialGreetingsCards/edit_my_uploads

I intend to target affiliates by making a ‘SlideShare Affiliate Marketing Series’ packed with information about marketing to aid customers, with no marketing experience, in selling the cards.

All social media accounts have been set up on the major channels and I am currently using a social media competition to create awareness: https://gleam.io/2QVeF/social-greetings-cards-150-gift-card

Most of the products can be currently found on the marketplace Etsy, where I have had my first few sales and excellent feedback!


  • Will have a wealth of online marketing experience, ideally with influencer, social media, email and affiliate marketing – although not totally limited to those.
  • Can work independently (the hours are completely up to you but I would be after a co-founder who can work on the marketing full time).
  • Able to recruit affiliates for the affiliate program
  • Are numbers and goals oriented meaning you can analyse data in order to make informed decisions regarding marketing statistics.
  • Are able to come up with marketing plans and goals and develop and see steps through in order to achieve them.
  • Be able to write well. I can design all of the graphics and design elements to support you but that’s where my creativity starts and stop. To be honest, writing isn’t my strong point – I would need someone to take responsibility of the words as I am currently using a freelance copyrighter to do so which is costly. I would also need someone to write the SlideShare series mentioned above and I’ll make it look great!
  • Non UK applicants are considered for this job. The role can be conducted anywhere in the world but native English speakers are preferable (I am currently up a mountain in the Scottish Highlands!).

Going forward:

So the bit you cam here to see…

The job would be completely equity based which, yes, puts risk on your end. You will not have any marketing budget to play with other than your own as I, being upfront, am all out of investment. As such, with reason, I am willing to offer a very generous equity package to the winning candidate(s) – I may choose to hire one or more.

The winning candidate would be willing to prove why they would be best to work with me going forward – a cover letter would be expected for such an important role. You can make an offer for the percentage of equity you would like but you must justify why you have arrived at that figure. If you are able to invest money into the business, please let me know how much you would be thinking of.

As always please let me know if you have any questions??

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Published at 11 May 2017
Expires on 11 Jul 2017