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at MyBuilder in London helps homeowners find reliable tradesmen through the power of online reviews. We’re a market leader in the UK and are part of IAC, a well known New York based internet group (Tripadvisor, Vimeo,, Tinder, HomeAdvisor, etc.). MyBuilder operates throughout the UK and our head office is located in Clerkenwell, Central London. Our office reflects our culture: we have a well-stocked bar, a staff band and colleagues who cook each other lunch.


Our customer service team is at the heart of MyBuilder. Every person is 100% focused on helping our users and keeping the marketplace happy. Our working practices are based on common sense and good judgement, not conventional wisdom. This is a customer service team with real purpose and we want like-minded people to join us.

Trade Quality is responsible for screening and monitoring tradespeople, keeping our standards high. Trade Success help our members achieve their business goals, while the Consumer team support homeowners if something goes wrong with their project. Don't worry too much about which role to apply for - we'll help you fathom that out when we meet. The most important thing is that you have a genuine passion for helping people and for delivering the best customer experience.

Who we're looking for

Individuality, enthusiasm and dedication are some of the qualities we value in our employees. We like people who volunteer before they’re asked, have a go at something they’ve never done before and who smile at the end of a tough day. In return, we'll give you the tools and training you need to excel, together with a stimulating and fun place to work.

Head over to to learn more about MyBuilder and the roles we have on offer in customer service. If you think we’re a good fit, apply and tell us why.

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Published at 23 Aug 2017
Expires on 02 Jul 2018

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