CTO/ Co-founder

at Roark in London


  • We are looking for an ambitious full-stack web developer to join Roark as a CTO/ co-founder
  • Role is for someone who feels ready to help own, design and build a product themselves
  • As with most co-founder positions, there will be no salary until seed funding is acquired but equity is available
  • Key area of responsibility will be owning and managing the technical side of the business
  • Looking for a developer with minimum 1 year (ideally more) of experience in a web development who feels completely comfortable with the task of building an e-commerce online platform from scratch. Platform will include features such as user profiles, messaging system, secure payment, auto-invoicing etc.
  • Developer must be London based and able to dedicate a significant amount of their time to this from the outset (minimum 25 hours per week)


  • Roark is currently made up of 2 co-founders: Max and Hassan
  • We met in the city where we were both strategy consultants
  • Between us, we have worked at Accenture, Deloitte, HSBC and advised countless clients (Amex, TSB, LBG, Santander etc.)
  • We both left our consulting jobs in 2016 to be full time at Roark
  • We have fun but are ruthlessly ambitious and would love to add someone to the team who feels the same

Context & Story

  • Roark began its life as a food startup in 2016. We set out to de-throne the Prets and EATs of this world with a better product
  • Sadly, despite creating a great product and supplying cafes and supermarkets we were just not able to compete on pricing, buying power and marketing with the massive conglomerates dominating the food world
  • So in 2017, we took the hard decision to close our kitchen. This was not the end of Roark though
  • We were exasperated that all too often amazing products never get to market because the big companies squash them before they even reach consumers. It is totally ridiculous how some products are still so successful – e.g. Carling is still an acceptable beer to be on shelves and Pret sells a tuna mayo baguette for £4
  • So we started a mission: create a platform that enables businesses to connect and collaborate and gives the best products a better chance to be successful


  • We now get into a tricky situation where we don’t want to explain the idea in too much detail (as it is brilliant and we don’t want it stolen), but we do want to give enough away that you are excited by it and want to learn more. If you are intrigued then the next step will be to sign an NDA and then we can have a proper conversation!
  • But at a very high level, we are building an online platform that allows retail businesses to connect and collaborate. Every retail business is made up from a set of assets – e.g. a shop may have storage, shelves, window display and a healthy snack producer may have a kitchen and a product. The platform would allow these two businesses to find each other and swap or purchase assets – e.g. the shop may buy the snack, or the snack producer may simply rent shelving space. All of this will be automated and catered for within the platform
  • The vision is to sign up the retail market onto our platform and help businesses reduce their cost (e.g. share storage), increase revenue (e.g. rent out unused kitchen) or build their brand (brand collaboration between 2 brands with same customer demographic)
    - As with all user generated platforms it is incredibly scaleable and nothing like it is out there today

Progress made

  • Business plan and business case created
  • Market demand data collected
  • Pre-product sign ups increasing every week (we are manually walking the streets signing people up!)
  • Starting to look at making offline sales to prove the concept even further

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Published at 18 Sep 2017
Expires on 18 Nov 2017