Non-profit AgreeList hiring a freelancer for remote work (c.20hrs/month)

at Agreelist in London

(₤11 per hour)

Agreelist - non-profit startup - is looking for a tech-savvy, rigorous and curious person available to work remotely c.20 hours per month (paid contract work).

We need a tech-savvy, rigorous and curious person available to work remotely c.20 hours per month (paid contract work).

After a brief training, our new team member will find every month quotes on both side of a given controversial topic (see for our most recent topics) by researching public sources such as articles, blogs, tweets, research papers. The quotes will have to be uploaded on Agreelist platform together with a source and some information re. the quote’s author, and will have to reflect as much as possible its author’s position.

The ideal candidate is entrepreneurial, English-literate, detail-oriented and thinks critically. A proven interest in social entrepreneurship as well as in political sciences and journalism is appreciated but not required. A plus, albeit not required, is an experience in social media marketing, as the job description could evolve to include social media-related tasks.

Why Agreelist exists
Agreelist's mission is to improve the quality of debates. The multiplication of information sources, coupled with an increased passive reliance on social media, generates an illusion of information. Initial beliefs are often reinforced without being truly questioned, hence leading to polarization of opinions. We want to provide an alternative way for people to inform themselves and promote critical thinking. We want you to easily find answers to the key question: "Why do some people think differently than I do on a given topic?"

Gathering around controversial topics
The heart of Agreelist is controversial topics, where influencers do not agree on what the right answer is. We want to gather all opinions in one place and classify them based on whether their authors agree or disagree with a statement embodying the issue at stake. Our platform therefore provides immediate clarity on the position of influencers and shifts (at least part of) the focus to their underpinning arguments. Agreelist will allow you to look at what the people you respect think, inform yourself on unfamiliar opinions and soundly shape your own opinions.

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Published at 12 Jan 2018
Expires on 12 Mar 2018