Technical co-founder with b2b platform or SaaS experience

at TBC in Glasgow

Looking for your next startup obsession? Got a realistic, hard-learned view of how pre-revenue startups work? Do you believe execution beats speculation? And would you rather just roll up your sleeves and build it over the weekend, in order to test rather than guess?

I'm a Glasgow based, multi-award-winning, serial entrepreneur. I've loads of pitch, investment, financial, sales/marketing, data, innovation experience. I can make the business and funding side of this idea work - if the product/solution, product/market fit is there. But I am not a developer, engineer or UI person (though I have previously founded a software company and managed technical teams).

I'm looking for someone who completes my skills gaps and can envision and directly build an MVP grade front-end experience that customers would sell their granny for. Someone who takes pride in creating a genuine solution to a customer pain. Who makes what the customer wants and needs. And someone who does while others are still talking about doing.

I have 3 sided b2b marketplace idea - think gig-economy with a twist. I have done a reasonable amount of validation and research for the idea stage, and have been ruling out other ideas for months (I'm a bit obsessed with Bill Aulet's 24 Steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship). My business model canvas is as populated as it can be at this early stage, which is very much pre-MVP. I have a hard deadline to launch the concept in a pitch at a big event in mid-April. It makes sense to capitalise on the PR that will come with that event by being ready with a solid MVP to prove/disprove some key assumptions and metrics.

I'm looking for someone to technically execute the hell out of this with me over the next 3 months so that between us we can go faster and further than either of us ever thought possible individually. Post-launch this idea has the potential to get very big, very fast - or we may find it doesn't have legs and we have to pivot or move on. We can review what/how/if we want to go forward together (or not!) once we get the first wave of meaningful customer data. And after 3 months we'll certainly have a sense of how well we work together.

I have no intention of even thinking about investment in the next 3 months, so we'll be working on coffee and enthusiasm only. Both our contributions will be fairly and appropriately recognised in the equity structure of whatever comes out of this, but please be open to the idea that despite all our effort, what we learn from the pitch, launch and MVP is that there isn't a business here and it can't work. (I know, we can make it work somehow - I'm just saying!)

You will almost certainly have been involved in at least one very fast-paced startup before, and ideally got a software product fully to market - but if you haven't and are still determined to work with me, fantastic, but please listen to Episode 10 of my Entrepreneur Agony Aunt podcast first, so you understand my concept of pace and urgency.

I'm flexible on your location, though Glasgow/Edinburgh or somewhere we can make regular face to face catch-ups work, would be amazing. I can sort that.

If this still sounds like you and you can make the crazy timings work somehow (12 weeks, ticking clock and all that) then brilliant!! This could be interesting! Please get in touch, tell me a bit about you, why us, why this etc - and ideally show me something you've built before. I'll be in touch and of course, will keep everything confidential.


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Published at 28 Jan 2018
Expires on 28 Mar 2018