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Trainee Technical Recruiter
at WorksHub

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤20000 - ₤28000 per year
Automation and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We are making the day to day life of the recruiter easier, whilst improving the candidate experience.

*We ask these questions, Every. Single. Day.*

* Can we automate that?
* How do I make that easier to do next time?
* Do I need to be doing this?
* How do I create a better user experience?
* Can we track that?
* What does the data say?

*Where do we source our talent?*

* GitHub, StackOverflow
* Slack, Discord, Reddit, Hackernews
* LinkedIn, Meetup Groups
* Olympiads, Competitions
* Our Platform and programmable Database

*Our approach to recruitment*

We build technology to make recruitment better, once you’ve been trained in the finer arts of modern tech recruitment you’ll be working to qualify and manage candidates so they have a great WorksHub experience.

We got to where we are today because our team is curious, we like to take processes apart and understand how they work so we can build newer, more exciting tools. As you progress with WorksHub you’ll build internal tools to help your team.

You’ll also work on automating recruitment, finally bringing this old-school industry into modern times! As you progressively become more awesome, you will develop a social media following, you’ll use data to convert them into leads and you’ll see smart ideas turn into real products on the WorksHub platform.

* You’ll get actual training, that continues*
* Sourcing done right. How to find the BEST candidates.
* Quantity vs Quality. How to be successful at outreach.
* How to create curated marketing content and how to target groups of individuals.
* How to track and analyse the results of this marketing content.
* How to automate your leads and turn them into tangible candidates.
* Candidate management & client management.
* Creating real quality candidate experiences, that set us apart from the competition.
* Building out new internal tools and Workflows that will help you be a more efficient recruiter.

*What is the working culture like?*

We provide freedom to work how you want to. The tech tracks all data for insights so we can avoid pointless KPI’s, there are certainly no call times, there isn’t even a phone on your desk! We are digital natives, there is no paper, we have full app integration, everything you need anywhere in the world, on your mobile or laptop,

* Want to use your own laptop? Go ahead.
* Leak in your flat and you need to work from home? Sure.
* Want to get your headphones on and zone in for a couple of hours? Try the new mix from our resident wannabe DJ.
* Want to play some dirty beats on the Sonos? We won’t judge you.
* Fancy one of our CTO’s famous cocktails?
* Fancy a beer? Grab me one.

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