Investment director/head of RE Private Equity: Sales/BD, fulfilment/product, fundraising

at houzen in London

Role/title: Investment Director/head of PE RE/co-founder (experience/risk appetite dependent)

Company snapshot:
Houzen is the fastest global lettings/sales engine for residential real estate, which finds tenants in 5 days and buyers in 50 days. In just 1.5 years since launch, Houzen has grown 5-6X in revenue, and 10x in pipeline. Houzen started in London, and has dazzled clients in Cardiff, Newcastle and now just launched in Manchester. The 2018 mission to install a scalable sales cycle, increase revenue streams, place a strong management team – were all over-achieved. The 2019/2020 goal for the company is to now grow across rest of UK tier 2 cities, Germany, and France for supply grab, and expand to Chinese speaking countries, India, Middle East and Western EU for demand channels.

Management Team:
Houzen was launched in March 2017, by its founder Saurabh Saxena (an ex-senior partner at a private equity/strategy advisory firm + Oxford MBA (LinkedIn:, also built and exited SAAS/restaurant/services space. The tech co-founder and CTO, Biswa comes from IIT Roorkee, India’s #1 tech school and is ex-Oracle. Rest of the founding team also comes from IIT and are ex-Samsung R&D labs, food/auto tech companies.

We are now looking for a “strong” and “ambitious” mid level professional from a Real Estate Private Equity fund or a RE Investment Bank (Associate year 1/2/3 or fresh AD level). You would train quickly to build and execute a “90% execution: 10% strategy mindset”, and then help us execute even faster —> role includes:
(1) Originate institutional RE/LP portfolios across Western EU (Strategic BD/Sales: 30% of role),
(2) Once portfolio is acquired, work hand in hand with internal demand leaders and product / engineering team to fulfill portfolio ASAP and realise revenues (50% of role),
(3) Help fundraise for Houzen through institutions (20%)

Culturally: You need to have some start-up experience or could have built something ground-up (could even be a large event at university), as we follow a very scrappy “ground-up business building” mindset, and are very execution focused. Any long standing participation/leading role in competitive sports is always considered a big positive!

The role details:
Investment Director/Head of RE Private Equity experience dependent (open to a co-founder title if senior professional also willing to put lot of skin in the game e.g. investment & no/low salary)
Leadership experience: Previous experience in a Real Estate Private Equity fund or RE Investment Bank. Previous leadership role in a high-growth internet startup or similar.
Excellent sales/fundraising skills: Able to perform under high sales pressure and drive sales targets across a team. We love generalist entrepreneur mindsets and would expect people to come in with very scrappy ground-up business building skills.
Team management: Depending on changing needs, you may either be running solo or building a team of investment/sales associates. You should also be interested in new product development, and operations and understand how the middle and back end ops work as it’s integral to every leader’s role.

Your personal belief:
You recognise that RE is an old, archaic albeit a $220tn asset class. Someone needs to change it forever and create the next biggest RE company. If it’s not you, it will be someone else!

If you like the sound of the challenge:
Should you be a suitable match, we would look to trial working together for some time to ensure our working styles and ambitions are a strong match (especially if it’s a co-founder role).

Best of luck,

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Published at 30 Dec 2018
Expires on 04 Apr 2019

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