Statistical Time Series Analyst in Medtech Startup

at Machine Medicine Technologies in London

(₤30000 - ₤70000 per year)

About Us
Machine Medicine is building the definitive computer vision and behavioural analytics platform for modern medicine. They use cutting edge techniques from statistics and machine learning to comprehend and measure the complexity of human motor dysfunction, starting with the most common movement disorder, Parkinson’s disease.

Worldwide there are over half a billion people with some form of physical impairment or disability. Currently the state-of-the-art is subjective visual assessment by a trained clinician, and worldwide between 40 and 50 million such assessments occur every day. On the basis of these assessments critical decisions are made, such as whether to perform neurosurgery, how to set insurance premiums and benefit claims, and whether or not a new drug does or doesn’t work, among many others.

Our first product, Kelvin, allows Parkinson’s patients to be recorded and analysed through a proprietary SaaS platform, using nothing more than a tablet or smart phone. It is being used at multiple site in UK including the country’s largest functional neurosurgery department, as well as several sites in continental Europe and the USA. We also plan to support two large academic clinical trials starting this year and we have just signed a contract with a large pharmaceutical corporation to support one of their clinical trials in late 2019. We also recently won a large equity free grant.

The founding team includes a doctor-and-machine learning engineer, two top flight developers and a superb marketing lead. We are a friendly, flat organisation with big ambitions to transform the way medicine is practiced. We are making hires in computer vision, time series analysis, and full stack and will grow to about 10-12 people over the next year.

Our offices are located near Bermondsey Street and London Bridge.

About You
You are a PhD in statistical time series analysis or have a great deal of experience in this area including a number of high quality publications. You have a strong mathematical background, and you are familiar with the full range of machine learning techniques, not just deep learning. You are academic, but you are making, or have made, the move to industry for impact, not just a better salary. You relish and are undaunted by challenging technical problems. You are Alexandrian in ambition and pythonic in execution. You want to do something awesome in medtech.

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Published at 03 Mar 2019
Expires on 03 May 2019

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