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Ai, facial recognition and python developers, Intern
at unkown

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  • London
  • parttime
  • ₤4000 per year

The future of retail is now changing to adapt to the new type of shopper. That shopper is tech savvy. 95% of people aged 16- 25 own a smart phone, but what does this really mean? It means the future generation expect all things to be smart and work along side there smart phones. We are on a mission to change how people shop retail in the UK.

We want to abolish the check out counter and offer customers a walk in shop and walk out service. How do we do this? AI and facial recognition technology has advanced so well over the last few years that it enables us to do so.

We are Looking for a Intern Engineer/Data scientist  to come and join our strong team of Three and build the POC product. for the right intern this will change there career in the long term as you would be responsible for creating the future; think the mouse, software or even the iPhone, these things changed how humans interacted but what about shopping.

The right intern will be studying or have work expreince in this field and will be working closely with the CTO.

There is currently no one in the UK offering this, however there are a few firms in Israel, San Francisco and Seattle. The current teamCFO/CEO - Works as an executive in investment banking, alot of financial executions under his belt with £00s m deals. (Also responsible for fundraising) COO/Co CEO - Experience operations director and founder, working in retail, logistics and start ups. CTO - PHD Engineer resposnible for building the product, trained at the best Universtiys in the world. Compensation: As this is a part time role we will cover your exspenses untill we have raise capital for expansion, salary will just cover expenses. Potentialy  equity will be offered to make it worth your while.

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