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I’m looking for a co-founder/s to join a startup that I had founded a few years ago. 

Real Experts – is a Saas based peer to peer knowledge sharing/ communication platform that helps connect business leaders with knowledge experts and specialists using advanced communication tools such as AR/VR. The core focus remains on visual communication, powered by 3D tools, aiding video meetings.

It helps domain experts to sell their project experience and know how within Construction, Engineering and Architecture (AEC), while helping oganisations to crowdsource ideas and solutions for their project. Although this is directly applied to property and construction industry, Real Experts core objective is to develop an integrated communication platform. 

This startup has won an international award and a recognition from World Economic Forum. 

It had gone through a rocky ride since launched due to some circumstences. Currently it is completely on hold. I am looking in to restructuring the business model and give it a life and focus on selling. It's a great time to join.

The Venture does not have any funding in place at the moment, however in the past it did attract good attention.

If you are after a salary/ fixed-rate, which I completely understand this might not be the case. The only way forward is sweat equity and will be happy to discuss this with you. I aim to make it an employee owned business in the long run meaning first 5 to 10 candidates will have good equity split based on the contribution and an appropritate vesting in place.

This is not an ordinary food restaurant, property or HR web. It is highly focused, and genuinely disruptive startup to a large industry with very high barriers to entry, meaning it offers a great chance to succeed - realistically speaking in a year. In addition it offers a great potential to innovate new services, as well build strong ecosystem. 

Market: B2B Industry: Architecture, Engineering and Construction webpage: Focus: Communication, Collaboration Tchnology: Saas, JavaScript, WebRTC, RestAPI, AWS and many more.

Status of the venture: I initially built the first MVP myself while developing the idea but it is S**t and needs a complete transformation bit by bit.

Send me your CV highlighting,

1. Your achievements to date (personal or professionals demonstrating your commitments)

2. University / Qualifications

3. Why Startup? Equity: I am looking for a committed individual with demonstratable passion towards building new things. I can only provide equity at the moment. But the business model is engineered to generate cashflow. With a right team this can be fast tracked.

If you are in London, will be happy to meet up for a coffee. 

Best, K

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