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Software Engineer
at Nomio

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤30000 - ₤55000 per year

Law is the most fundamental component of any prosperous society. It permeates virtually everything we do, acting as a “filter” on our actions. 

It comes as no surprise that the global Legal Services industry is worth $900 billion a year. It will hit $1 trillion in the next two years. 

What does come as surprise is the way we interact with the Legal System. We still work with it in a way that isn't much different to how we did 200 years ago. Crazy, right? 

Imagine if tech companies wrote code the same way Lawyers write agreements... 

  • "Let's use Excel for everything" 
  • "Let's treat our programs like they are pieces of paper" 
  • "What's a database?" 
  • "What's Version Control?" 
  • "Who needs automated tests? Our people never make mistakes" 
  • "Open source will kill the industry. Let's write everything in-house" 

Luckily, we didn't copy the Lawyers. We have a wealth of high-quality tools and systems to help us write code. They allow us to be Artists of our craft. It's as much an emotional toolset as a practical one. 

Lawyers don't have this. They have Word, PDF, and Email. Maybe a document management system and a few “workflow” apps. 

But to fix the system, we can't just build incremental improvements to sit on top of what the Legal Industry already has. 

We need to rip out the old parts and build machinery designed for the future. We are building the infrastructure on which the Future of Law operates. 

We now have funding from some heavy-hitting Angel investors - 5 founders of extremely successful tech companies, with a combined value of $X00,000,000. Not just a pile of cash from a VC, but buy-in from people who have already proven that they know what it takes to win. And they will ensure that we win.

We are computer scientists and engineers, not lawyers. You will be the third core member of our team, and most probably the final one before we next raise capital in a few months. 

We want another super-smart engineer who is ready to build like crazy and is ready to do everything in between. Our stack is Python, Django, Postgres, Docker, and IntercoolerJS. No fad-tech.

If you are hungry, you are confident in taking projects from start to finish by yourself, and you approach engineering as a form of art, then please apply immediately.

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