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Python developer for 3D Tech and AI
at Itoma

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  • Hatfield
  • freelance
  • ₤1 - ₤10000 per year




I’m Eric and I’m the Co-Founder & CTO of Itoma 3D Tech. We are a start-up based in Hatfield / North London, UK. Our Vision is to simplify collaborative 3D Modelling, design & 3D Printing using AI, Robotics & Voice technology to make it at our customer's voice command.

Big Vision starts with a single niche to make us investable, find a market fit & develop a product so we currently focus on 3D Modelling & 3D Printing for B2B Architecture & Construction with those exciting products & services:

while working towards funding for our long term vision.

We have pre-seed funding, well defined plan & an amazing tech team to get an edge, MVP, first sales, a couple of Letters of Intent, cooperation for innovation with 2 universities, received SEIS & EIS status for UK investors and currently focus on fundraising & sales.


WHAT: We are looking for a person who wants to help us have an impact on the future of 3D Modelling & design through AI & "easy" interfaces like voice or gesture. We want to make it easy, fast & affordable - see our demo here:

HOW COULD WE MAKE IT WORK? Let's talk => what are you interested in, what experience you have => then we'll present you with some options, set goals & see where we can take it from there. We also have a regular weekly catch-up to speak about development & communicate regularly.


Our Full Tech stack includes:

1. A mobile app.

2. A Microsoft Azure Cloud solution.

3. A photogrammetry (3D Models from pictures) & down the line - 3D Modelling solution.

4. Artificial Intelligence for Image recognition.

5. Artificial Intelligence for NLP / Voice recognition.

6. Interfacing / API.

7. And that's all done in Python (hence this ad...) but the added bonuses (or other areas to play with) are with C#, C++, Java, Kodular & Xamarin.

It might sound like a lot but we are a couple of people team at the beginning of the journey with MVP.


WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Impact, experience and once we get financing, commercialisation & sales - more than that. In other words - part-time, voluntary, at your own time & place with simple conversations to see where we go, what we want & what should be the next steps (did we mention impact? ;-)

The possibility to shape the Future is a bonus!

And yeah - your motivation is more important than experience. 



PS Good start is crucial – we sign a mutual NDA & IP straight away with all people who work with us to have a good & open conversation.

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