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Senior Software Engineer
at CV Partner

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤60000 - ₤85000 per year

The role

We are looking for a talented senior engineer to join our small-but-growing company at an exciting time for the tech team.

Started in 2012, CV Partner was initially built by the founder using all the coolest technology for that time: Rails, CoffeeScript and Mongo. A couple of years later a React frontend was added and this stack enabled us to remain agile while we discovered our clients' needs and quickly build the functionality they were seeking. We ended up creating a tool that they enjoy using and has a measurable improvement in their productivity and ability to win bids.

Now, 7 years on, with a bigger team, many features added, larger clients signed and much more data being processed we're finding the limitations of the current architecture. Some tech debt has accumulated and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep the ever-expanding Rails app up to date with the latest versions and add new features in a timely manner. Also, we're slightly embarrassed to still be using CoffeeScript in 2019.

So, we've started to put in place some infrastructure that will help us transition to building microservices. We've begun work on an event-source based architecture with plans to utilise the CQRS pattern. We’ve already built some of the main building blocks in Rust and are starting to flesh out how some of the trickier aspects will work (e.g. auth, shared frontend components etc).

The team is currently comprised of all senior-level people, including two software engineers, a DevOps and a UX designer. The founder also still codes occasionally as we haven't built up the courage to revoke his git access yet.

You'll help put in place the foundations of the technology and engineering practices that can provide a platform for the company to meet the needs of our clients over the coming years. That means deciding on programming languages, tools and services to help build robust, fast and secure software. We're looking at things such as TypeScript, Vue and GraphQL/AppSync but nothing is set in stone and we value using the best tool for the job.

The next phase of growth will be to start bringing mid-level or junior engineers into the team, so you should be happy mentoring those with less experience and when the time comes, we'd value your input into the hiring process.

We're pretty laid-back when it comes to flexible working so you’ll have the opportunity to spend some time working from home or a co-working space close to home if you have a long commute. As a company, we are distributed across three countries already so most comms are through slack or video call. However, we do value face-to-face communication as not even the best video-conferencing tools can replace a good huddle around a whiteboard. But as said, we're pretty chilled about it, so if you're the right person for us, we'll figure something out.


  • Develop features for the existing CV Partner application
  • Develop the event-sourcing system and platform tools
  • Help design and build services on the new platform
  • Work closely with DevOps to maintain and enhance the security of CV Partner’s systems
  • Build internal tools to support business processes
  • In the future: Mentor junior or mid-level developers and potentially lead a small team

Future challenges

  • Break up the current application into smaller services
  • Refactor the front-end code, improving the engineering principles around code organisation and testing
  • Multi-region production deployments
  • Design an effective interview process for junior and mid-level hires
  • Automate parsing of CVs and Case Studies - potential for machine learning

What we are looking for

  • Knowledge in some of the following (Ruby, JavaScript, Clojure, Rust, ElasticSearch, Redis)
  • Knowledge of CoffeeScript is not required (we know you won’t admit to it anyway)
  • Experience in designing microservice architectures
  • Enthusiasm to learn new tools and technologies
  • Someone with good generalist knowledge: front-end; web development; databases (SQL or otherwise), DevOps; system architecture
  • Linux, git, Github knowledge
  • Bonus: Event-sourcing/CQRS experience
  • Bonus: Front-end expertise

Benefits / package

Location: London, Oslo or Stockholm

Flexible working / part-remote (with close-to-home co-working)

Pension contribution

25 days holiday

Competitive salary

Weekly team lunch

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