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Digital Marketeer PPM / PPC
at Guardways Ltd

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  • London
  • parttime

This is an exciting unique opportunity to work in the adult entertainment arena.

Our new venture is based on an existing security product which is currently undergoing redesign and rebranding. Our target market is mentioned above so you will need to be comfortable working in this area. If you already have marketing experience in this sector we are even more interested in hearing from you.

Initially we will be requiring CPM and CPA test marketing (some of which has already been done) leading into full blown live campaigns but you will advise and implement the best strategy. The financial model will be to drive visitors to our web site and store in order to install and subscribe to our app. Test results already show a good CPC rate but with your skills you will be able to design the best creative and marketing messages to yield the most optimum results. 

You will do this by designing the creatives and messages, making variations to them, trialling territories and other variables pertinent to the testing and obviously managing the campaigns.

We anticipate launching the product January 2020 but in the meantime testing will be done immediately driving actions to a waiting list web site.

After analysing you will then need to adapt the campaign to its most optimum, constantly monitoring the results and report accordingly.

Initially the roll will be part time involving probably a few hours per week working remotely but closely with CEO with potential to be involved with on a grander scale.

Social media marketing may follow after the campaign starts to yield results

Please provide your experience in the following areas:

  • Producing CPM, CPA campaigns
  • Graphic design / advert production work in Photoshop or similar 
  • PR
  • Copyrighting
  • Storyboarding
  • In-video production 

Also provide your CV and examples of previous work. 

Please also state if you would be interested in in providing services for shares in our venture.

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