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Tech Co-Founder
at Antler

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Every day, new products and services are launched to make the lives of people easier, better or just more fun. We live in an amazing time, where technology is getting more accessible and more and more people get connected. The possibilities are huge, and yet, there are still many problems out there that need to get solved. Are you dreaming about having an impact and building something that will impact millions of lives? You are not alone, in fact, 66% of young professionals want to start their own business but few pursue their dreams.

At Antler, we believe that entrepreneurship betters the world and so we've built the world’s largest venture builder that removes the main barriers to entrepreneurship for the world's most exceptional people and supports our founders across all stages of growth.

We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better. We have been in your shoes and will support you throughout the journey to lower the risks and increase the chances of success. We will help you find a co-founder with complementary skills and similar ideas. We connect you with our worldwide network of mentors and advisors to get hands-on support and access to their valuable networks.



We are looking for people who will run to the ends of the world to achieve their goals. Your resilience and ability to fail, learn and bounce back is a key determinant of success.

Problem-solving skills
We look for those who have a unique and very creative way to approach the problems they see around them.

A clear spike
We look for individuals with a clear spike or deep expertise in their fields of work, be it in research or in a specific industry.

Now is the best time to build your tech company.


Details of the program:

1. For the first two months, we give you an individual grant of GBP2,500 per month.

2. We will help you find a co-founder with complementary skillset. Once you have a solid team and a validated idea, we will invest GBP80,000 into your company for a 10% equity stake.

3. You and your co-founders keep 90% of the ownership. Ultimately, it’s your company and we’re here to help you get things off the ground.


We’re looking for exceptionally talented individuals with the aspiration to become a great founder of a fast-growing tech startup. Do you have a strong tech and product background? Are you a researcher or scientist with deep domain expertise looking to build you own company but don't want to do it on your own? Apply now and get started on your own company.

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