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Media Planner (Facebook Ads, Ecommerce)
at SM Commerce

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  • London
  • fulltime

Ready to step up your media buying skills and impact?

Does this interest you?

  • You want to use your media buying experience to drive forward client strategy to create bigger impact
  • You enjoy researching and planning more than hands-on media buying but you fully understand advertising
  • You've run ads on Facebook and possibly other channels with good knowledge of Facebook products
  • You like the idea of representing us at Facebook events to help us stay ahead of the curve
  • You enjoy deconstructing data and constructing insights as much as you enjoy creative ad campaigns, understanding the balance between brand and performance marketing to generate high ROAS campaigns
  • You'd enjoy providing media buyers direction and support whilst working with our senior team on client and business strategy
  • You have strong experience and understanding of Ecommerce and think beyond advertising, into other aspects of marketing to support business growth
  • You'd relish a remote, office-less working role and the opportunity to create true work-life balance
  • You'd love to work for a business that believes in legacy and impact first

We're after an accomplished media buyer who really enjoys the strategic planning side of media buying, ready to take a step up in creating impact and performance.

This role will use your experience of media buying, in particular Facebook ads (and likely at least one other channel) together with strong project management and process experience to deliver exceptional client campaigns.


You'll also work with our own Ecommerce test stores and info product business to create cut-through marketing using our own BPM Method and AC-4 strategies.


You'll learn from the best and enhance your own experience in an environment which rewards endeavour with a big focus on work-life balance. When applying you'll also explain what roas stands for to show you've actually read this application form and pay attention to detail. If not, your application will be automatically rejected.


You'll work directly with clients and our internal team to deliver results to businesses generating millions of dollars in annual revenue, helping the team oversee ad spends of over $1M per month.


About SM Commerce


We have a mix of hours in the team, because this is a lifestyle-led business with a team located around the globe. Some prefer to start earlier, others a later start. Others still prefer a 2 hour break midday then come back pumped for a grand finale. Whatever your working pattern, SMC is about a healthy work-life balance.

However, the main ask is that you work around UK working hours wherever you are based.

We strive for excellence for our clients and our own projects and know every in and out of Facebook ads and marketing in general.

We're more of a growth agency that currently focusses on Facebook ads. Our agency was founded on a performance marketing background, which then became a general growth marketing agency before focussing on Facebook ads. Our DNA is performance marketing and profitable scaling.

We treat client spend as if it was our own and place huge pride in helping clients to deliver their products and services to as many people as they can, as efficiently as we can.

The agency is led by CEO Depesh Mandalia and supported by a team located in the US, Europe and Asia with our base located in London, UK. We're after someone on a fairly close timezone to the UK so this would suit someone on GMT-6 (with an early start) to GMT+5 range

You need to be an excellent communicator, super organised and efficient, able to juggle multiple priorities and make things work seamlessly :-)

Your level of English needs to be good, to be able to communicate with the team and also review/sign off on ads. If you can write copy for ads that's a huge bonus.

You should be proficient with data and be able to make data/fact based decisions - if successful you will be given a practical test to analyse this.

Whilst anyone can learn Facebook ads, only the minority can run consistently profitable ads - and a key to this is in your mindset and ability to learn - this will be assessed in detail at the next stage.

IMPORTANT: We're not interested in someone looking for a side hustle to siphon the IMMENSE amount of knowledge you will learn straight into your own business. We are looking for someone who's serious about rocketing their media buying and marketing skills into space with our help, that will help our business grow - the skills and experience you'll take away will pay you back in many years to come.

In return you'll get full access to our full training programs and Mastermind groups, access to Facebook through our Agency Partner Manager, direct mentoring and coaching from Depesh plus working with cool clients and colleagues too.

The pay is based on experience, work hours are flexible, suiting a laptop lifestyle/work from home/co-working space with ambitions to work with one of the leading influencers and an agency with a growing rep, across the world of Facebook ads. You would be employed as a full-time contractor initially.


We're after the following traits:

- Minimum 2 years media buying experience with verifiable results

- Experience working as part of a team

- Experience in more than one marketing channel; whilst SMC focus primarily on Facebook, our co-founder Depesh Mandalia comes from a far wider background and is looking for an apprentice to train up to his level with an already strong aptitude in marketing

- Coachable, willing to learn and re-learn what you thought you knew based on our systems

- Experience scaling Ecom brands primarily via Facebook ads

- A growth mindset, consciously competent yet candidly open

- Able to direct a team, project manage and prioritise

- Experience with branded Ecom businesses and ideally, though not essential, with Info Product/Lead Gen

- Ideally some experience with competitor research, building avatars, copywriting angles, email campaigns, landing page split testing, analytics (GA, Wicked Reports preferred), funnel testing and lifetime value strategies.

- Strong communications skills - good level of written and verbal English and good presentation skills for clients and internally


We want to hire the hungriest, growth minded people to join our team full-time. Our team develop their skills 100 times faster because of the direct training and mentoring from the senior team whilst working on cutting edge projects.


Of the tens of millions of marketers and advertisers on the planet (of which over 7 million advertise on Facebook) less than 1% can create repeatable, sustainable success.

Want to train up to be part of the 1% of the 1%? Apply here.

The following application form is intended to help us find the best candidate for this role - good luck!

No, wait, there is no luck involved here.

This process is data-driven until you get to the video call stage at which point we mix other elements in to find our ideal candidate.


  • Remote working, you can be based anywhere with a decent internet connection/computer. As long as it supports uninterrupted video calls you're good
  • Flexible hours (starting times between 9-12pm UK and no need to be chained to your desk!)
  • Opportunity to attend agency exclusive Facebook events
  • Full access to our cutting edge training and community programs
  • Direct mentoring from a global leading Facebook ads and marketing expert
  • Free access to our externally paid training programs
  • Remuneration commensurate with experience

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