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Chief Compliance Officer
at Zapple

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  • Edinburgh
  • parttime

Who are Zapple?

Zapple is a next-generation bank.  We combine assets, cash, current accounts and savings into a single product.  Your employer could pay you in pounds but you may want to store that as Bitcoin, gold and oil.  When you use your debit card you can choose to sell off some of your assets in real time.  Your wealth and available funds fluctuate based on the assets that you control.  Savings ratios can be enforced to help with long-term asset growth.  Depending on your individual risk profile, cash and less risky assets can form the majority of your asset baskets.

The first phase of our journey is operating a digital currency exchange and digital bank in the UK.  Our exchange is live and we're currently going through FCA licensing for offering current accounts.  Multi-asset banking will follow in late 2020.

Please check out the links below for a recent pitch deck and explainer video.

Pitch Deck:



Who We're Looking For

We're looking for a co-founder to join the team.  Specifically - someone to bolster our compliance skillset within the organisation and to ensure we are performing above industry best-practices.  With the unregulated nature of digital assets we believe it is important for Zapple to embrace and exceed best practices to keep our clients secure and to forge strong relationships with the FCA and other regulatory bodies.

You should have strong experience in financial services, compliance and ideally with E-Money specifically.  You should have a good understanding of what the FCA look for in compliant organisations.  Some understanding of the nature of risks with digital assets (such as Bitcoin) is desirable.

This role is not a permanent full-time role at the moment but is hugely important whilst we startup.  You'll review our current compliance/onboarding procedures, help work with us to perfect these over the next year as we launch and also be a named person in our dealings with regulatory bodies.  You will also become a board member and non-executive director.  After initial consultations your job will be to help advise the board on best practices as we make decisions moving forward.


The Offer

This is currently not a paying role - although in the future has the potential to either pay in the capacity of a non-executive director or a full time executive within the business.  The successful candidate will be granted equity in Zapple based upon the level of experience that they can bring to the organisation.

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