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Av Geeks, Frequent Flyers, Airline Enthusiasts Wanted for Collaboration
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  • London
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I'm a UX/Product Designer with over 10 years experience working on my own startups and as a design lead in other startups. Outside of design, another passion of mine is air travel. I'm that guy who spends as much time researching the type of plane i'll be boarding and the airports i'll arrive in as much as the destination itself!

A marriage between these passions is what brings me here. I'm looking to collaborate with other air travel enthusiasts. Let's bounce ideas on how to solve some problems in the industry. Maybe you're an industry insider, a crew member who experiences a problem every flying day that you know how to solve but lack the technical ability to bring the solution to life? Or maybe you're a developer who like me is just passionate about the industry and curious to discover what might happen if you put like minded nerdery with complimentary skills in a room together to solve problems. 

There is no cure for long queues, and airline seats aren’t likely to get any bigger anytime soon. But with innovation and creative thinking we can look forward to a better end-to-end traveler experience overall, from planning a trip to booking one, from the moment we enter the depatures hall to touchdown in an unfamiliar but luring destination.

If you're intrigued, drop a line. Tell me a little about your experience, your passion and why we should connect

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