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Technical Co-founder for Medtech Startup
at Rewire Stroke

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  • Leeds
  • freelance


Rewire is an app striving to deliver better stroke rehabilitation. As a doctor working in stroke, I have recognised that rehabilitation is suboptimal. In the NHS many hospitals can’t provide the intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy needed to improve cognitive and physical function. Rewire addresses this problem by offering bespoke physiotherapy programs to help recover limb function. This element of the app is paid for while the remaining content about the disease, its prevention and management is offered for free. 



Rewire has been developed at a specialist stroke unit in West Yorkshire. Consultants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists will contribute to the content. The architect of a new hyperacute stroke unit in the Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust has endorsed the app and will be a product adviser. 



There are more than 100,000 new strokes every year in the UK alone. The vast majority of these confer significant disability; including cognition, speech dysfunction and limb weakness. These deficits are not limited to stroke and the content may well serve other neurological pathology. 


Where you come in

We’re looking for a co-founder who is proficient in iOS development to help build Rewire. The right person will be competent with Objective C and Swift languages. This person loves problem-solving and has a strong bias towards action. If you identify with these characteristics and you’re excited by the prospect of building something that transforms lives then I look forward to reading your CV.


Dr Raj Parmar, MBBS BSc

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