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Freelance Full Stack (with Django) Developer, 3 months initial
at SAAS Startup

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  • London
  • freelance

This is a 3 month placement on site in Hammersmith, with a possibility to extend beyond.

We're looking for a good Django developer with a little (or a lot of) devops experience to help offload some of the work on a selection of projects.

Some of the projects are pretty straightforward, but some are not, and due to the target market, don't have much of a desire or requirement for client-side JS.

- Branded micro site UI wrapper for a third party API

- Real time speech recognition app based on Google Speech API (5+ microservices running on Kubernetes)

- Straightforward CMS for a mobile project

- Integratation of CMS with existing CMS for an existing project

- Plenty more!


Separately if you're quite devops-oriented, or you have a desire to learn more, we are mid-migration to a pure Kubernetes environment, with plenty of room to contribute here.

- Packaging up some existing third party apps to move into Kubernetes

- Fixing up Kubernetes security policies, or splitting our environment up into separate clusters

- Finishing Telegraf/InfluxDB/Kapacitor configuration so we can start sending alerts

- Adding new Telegraf monitors for some exotic third party software

- Figuring out how to drag third party software configs out into Git, so we can do releases and QA environments, idelaly without breaking ability to use that software's UI to configure it.



- Terraform

- Grafana

- InfluxDB

- Django / Python 3.x

- Kubernetes

- CloudFlare


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