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Lab Manager & Senior Quantum Engineer
at OQC

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  • Oxford
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At Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) we’re putting quantum in the hands of humanity to solve some of the world’s greatest problems. It’s our mission to accelerate and enable the world’s transition to a quantum future;  and to be at the core of this revolution by building truly scalable quantum capabilities with simple & flexible systems. At their core, these processors are based on superconducting circuit technology. 


This role is a joint role as a Senior Quantum Engineer and Laboratory Manager. The role will require flexible distribution across both role responsibilities. As OQC is currently in the process of setting up a new quantum laboratory facility, we expect that the Laboratory Manager role will initially be a key responsibility, requiring 70% of your time for the first 6 months. As the laboratory operations move to regular operation procedures, and responsibilities are distributed across the team this is expected to reduce to around 30% of your time. 


As a Laboratory Manager, you’ll be drawing on your previous experience being responsible with the day to day operation and running of a quantum laboratory. 

You’ll have the opportunity to set up, shape and develop processes to ensure an effective, efficient and safe day-to-day laboratory operation. You’ll work closely with external contractors, partners, suppliers, OQC’s quantum engineers, and operations team to achieve this. You will have the opportunity to grow and develop an internal team to support you in this. 


The laboratory management piece would include responsibility for the day to day laboratory management including:

  • Overseeing stock/lab procurement and laboratory budget responsibility
  • Organisation and execution of laboratory housekeeping and maintenance duties
  • Development and implementation of laboratory operations best practices and procedures
  • Development and implementation of 24/7 laboratory operation and monitoring 
  • Out of hours on-call point of contact 
  • Responsible for ensuring day-to-day safety compliance 

Skills required

  • Strong teamwork and communication
  • Previous experience running a quantum (or similar) laboratory facility
  • Flexibility to operate in a dynamic environment 
  • Experienced with laboratory work and operation and associated requirements; either in an academic or commercial setting


As a Quantum Engineer, you’ll be drawing on your previous experience in superconducting circuits during your PhD, post-doctoral or commercial work in this field to develop commercial quantum processors. 

You’ll have the opportunity to build from our current processes that already produce devices with competitive quantum coherence, and you will have access to a network of state-of-the-art facilities in the area. You’ll work closely on multiple and varied projects within our multi-disciplinary team of physicists, nanotechnologists, electrical engineers, software developers, architects and programme managers – performing the research and development and delivering commercial projects. 

Responsibilities (depending on skills and projects)

We work in multi-disciplinary, cross-functional teams to develop and deliver OQC’s R&D Projects. This means that responsibilities can be varied depending on skills across:

  • Design, simulation and measurement of novel superconducting components for quantum processing or quantum processing support infrastructure
  • Scientific analysis of design & device limitations
  • Contribution to tool development for design, simulation, measurement, analysis and optimisation of superconducting devices
  • Regular input into OQC’s evolving technology development roadmap
  • Creation and maintenance of process documentation, project plans and reports.
  • Representing OQC in scientific settings such as conferences, as part of collaborative consortia, and through the authorship of publications

Skills required:

  • A Post-doc and/or 6+ years experience involving design, fabrication, and test of superconducting quantum circuits, or a related area
  • Experienced with laboratory work and associated requirements; either in an academic or commercial setting
  • Strong teamwork and communication
  • Ability to distil and communicate scientific information effectively with the wider team
  • Flexibility to operate in a dynamic environment 

Skills / Experience desirable:

  • Understanding of multiple elements of superconducting circuit theory and previously evidenced ability to apply in practice, with up-to-date knowledge on recent research in the area
  • Experience with optimisation of control of superconducting circuits for quantum processing at the logical or physical level, in theory or in practice
  • Previous work in cyclic development of superconducting device characteristics for specific applications, including
    • ideation/design
    • research/development
    • build/delivery
    • test/evaluation
    • Simulation of superconducting circuits or other systems in finite element simulation tools such as Ansys HFSS
  • Software development experience, particularly in python (or similar languages) for automation of tasks required for research.
  • Experience in the use and/or development of classical microwave frequency hardware and/or low latency digital processing systems
  • Familiar with safe working practices with both cryogenic and high-vacuum systems
  • Scientific publication/presentation of results, whether in person or in writing, especially within the field of superconducting circuits.


OQC is currently based in Oxford but plans to relocate its office and establish a laboratory facility in a nearby area.  The company also has access to a research facility at Royal Holloway, Egham.


Competitive salary and company benefits.

At OQC we’re not just hoping you’ll fit in our culture. We aspire to thrive, as a company and as people, thanks to your diversity of thought and background. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we are committed to providing our team members with a work environment free from discrimination, where everyone is treated with respect. Our employment decisions are based on business needs, talent and merit.

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