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Equity Partners: COO, CPO, CIO at houzen

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Houzen is hiring equity partners CPO/CTO, COO and CIO. This will be the same level of commitment and responsibilities as co-founders

We have had ~3.5 years of strong growth now, and have successfully landed in a pre-series A growth stage. We are now 20 FTEs strong. In terms of leaders, we have the founder and a co-founder, and a strong "foundation team" who lead marketing, product, and asia expansion - who all have earned shareholding in the company. Houzen strongly belives in a long term and sustainable growth model, where we want to build and grow the company with a strong skin in the game culture. Due to several reasons and drivers, houzen (including our investors) now very confidently believes that we will continue to run and grow over the next 2 to 3 decades hence we are building for massive scale and hence looking for enterprising leaders who want to scale up their careers in a lower risk environment.

For this reason, we are open-mindedly experimenting with a new concept of bringing onboard "equity partners". Equity partners are common in law firms and consulting firms where strong partner level people come in with their own clients / skills / background and small investment to help grow their own P&L through the firms platform with a strong skin in the game. We want to deploy the same logic and bring leaders.

We would expect you to invest a bit of your own cash into the business (on discounted favorable terms) so you have a skin in the game, and we would expect you to run a part of the business as if it was your own.

About the company:

Houzen helps buy UK homes, and then grow home value for buyers and investors, who could be anywhere (local or international). The real differentiator in our team members is that we can roll up our sleeves and get stuff done. Think of all roles as a 90:10 split between execution: strategy, or strategising in evening, and implementing during the day! The equity partner roles will transition into P&L leadership (title- regional/country GM/head of ops), or head of customer acquisition (who scales up sales, business development, partnerships team). Even with a specialist background you must have a generalist mindset; as your role is expected to keep strengthening and potentially changing as the company expects unprecedented growth over next 12-24 months. Direct responsibilities would be to lead either people/functions, accounts, or regions. You would be seen as a future leader from day one. Houzen is also currently pitching to clients in Germany and France hence local language or work experience would be an added bonus.  

You are one who loves learning new concepts and solving problems, and won’t leave the drawing (and more importantly execution ground) board till the problem is solved. Is excited about rewriting the rules of a $220tn asset class. Wants to potentially build a business themselves in future. Since customer orientation and team dynamics are so important for us, we would love to see tangible evidence of when you served difficult customers, led teams, played competitive sports, or in general, led yourself or your team towards winning! Worked and lived in multiple European countries, but not necessary. European languages also ideal Location: London, the with potential to travel (or be based in Europe in future)

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