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Computer vision developer (short term)

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  • London
  • parttime

Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

This role ALSO accepts expressions of interest from those currently on furlough - anyone can apply

Hello all,

My name is Jianbo Zhao and I am the founder of ACcU Health. 
Thank you for reading this post.

ACcU Health is an early-stage start-up focus on complementary therapy technology based in London. We are currently at InnovationRCA - an incubator under the Royal College of Art.

We believe prevention is much more important than healing especially in today's fast, crowdy and stressful lifestyle. 

Our body is mysterious and full of potential. There is so many natural, efficient and safe traditional complementary therapy we can still use in modern daily life to relax our mind and relief our body. A great successful example of complementary therapy modernization is Calm and Headspace - two famous meditation APP which worth millions already. 

Base on this belief and vision, ACcU is focused on traditional therapy modernization. At this stage, we focusing on traditional Chinese therapy. We use Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to enhance the user's experience and increase their adherence.

ACcU Health also builds relationships with the Royal College of Art, Imperial College London and Traditional Chinese Hospital in China. 

What we are looking for:

We are seeking one or two software engineers to help us to build our first minimal viable product (MVP). 

We hope you:
1. Have experience with computer vision technology, such as 3D scanning or Augmented Reality or OpenCV
2. Have experience with building App and software project
3. Love to put energy in innovation and teamwork
4. Enjoy learning and trying new knowledge 

As ACcU is at early-stage and based in the incubator, the developers will also have opportunities to meet and work with many business consultants and investors. It is a great opportunity to combine design, culture, nature and engineering power together. 

Please send me a message and your portfolio/CV if you would like to attend. 


Currently, it is a short term job. However, there is an opportunity to turn this job into a full-time job.

Also,  please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Hope we could meet and work together in the near future to chat more detail.

Best wishes,
Jianbo Zhao

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