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Full Stack Senior Wordpress Developer for digi-local marketplace with social good
at Lokoli

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  • Belfast
  • furlough

This role ONLY accepts expressions of interest from those currently on furlough

We are a purpose-driven online marketplace that connects local 'bricks and mortar' businesses (primarily small independent retailers) with local shoppers and gives back to the local community through inbuilt charitable donations.

The marketplace has been developed as a result of helping a small local business transition from '100% bricks and mortar' to a hybrid online-offline model during COVID-19 lockdown. The impact it had on that business and everyone directly and indirectly involved, including the local community, has been phenomenal. Now we are making that impact possible at scale.

Our mission is to empower local.

Currently we have one part-time senior developer who has delivered the technology to date and we anticipate onboarding a small number of initial retailers late-August 2020.

We are seeking an experienced, full-stack Wordpress developer who is on furlough and can contribute to the project part-time on a voluntary basis with potential for future employment &/or other founding team opportunities. The ideal individual will have the creativity to question, challenge and ultimately influence our direction and roadmap.

The company is 100% self-funded by the founder. Investment is anticipated September 2020, thus further opportunities may be available in the founding team &/or an offer of employment. Currently, it is an unpaid, voluntary role. 

The first iteration of the marketplace is based on Wordpress and Woocommerce. You will be involved in developing this platform further, securing it, improving performance and putting in place the deployment procedure. You will also be involved in decision-making going forward regarding scalable technology stack.


  • Excellent understanding of Wordpress and Woocommerce architecture.
  • Ability to ensure high-performance and identify bottlenecks around scalability.
  • Development and management of robust high-traffic web applications, especially e-commerce.
  • Setting up version control and source code management / deployment systems or processes.
  • Broad knowledge of the latest front end and back end technologies.
  • Ensuring all work adheres to current industry best practice, including mobile responsiveness and accessibility standards.
  • Writing clean, documented/commented code.
  • Working with APIs and other technologies relevant to the enhancement of the platform.
  • Analytics and marketing-related tech such as goals and event tracking.
  • Good knowledge and appreciation of UX.
  • Management and development of product teams.
  • Great initiative and a 'hands-on' approach.


Experienced, senior full-stack Wordpress developer with the expected skills such as PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/SASS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, XML/JSON, APIs, responsive web, basic SEO, web standards and accessibility, security, testing, performance optimisation, scalability, deployment...


We'd love to connect and work with someone who appreciates our vision of empowering local businesses and having a massive positive impact on local communities. We'd also love to work with someone who may be interested in a more long-term role, possibly as one of the founding team....however we also understand and appreciate that you may have your own company to return to after furlough ends.

If you've got this far, thanks for reading and we'd love to hear from you.

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