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Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

A beauty tech startup is looking for a passionate Co-Founder. This is an opportunity to build a startup from the very beginning and grow it into something revolutionary. 

The goal of the startup is to have a positive social impact by being commercially successful. The business will be targeting women, and a passion for empowering women is essential. The Founder is from a marketing, branding & strategy background in the beauty and tech industry and is looking for one or more Co-Founders with a shared sense of purpose and complementary skill sets. Prior experience in either beauty or tech would be an advantage. 

Experience in a start up is not necessary, but the person must be comfortable operating with minimal resources, conserving cash and being hands on in all aspects of operations. Pure managerial skills while relying on others to execute tasks will not be a good fit. 

Other characteristics that would be desirable: 

- Ability to think strategically while being able to act operationally

- Resilient, patient and determined 

- A hands-on, can get things done, operational approach

- Comfortable with ambiguity and ability to be effective with minimal support and resources 

- Humble and does not let personal ego interfere with business decisions 

- Straightforward, direct, honest and transparent 

While an exit through acquisition could be an option for the startup, the Co-Founding team should be focused on building a self-sustaining profitable business for the long-term. 

Experience in fundraising or contacts within the investment community that could lead to fundraising would be beneficial.  

This is an equity only role, until a fundraise has taken place. This could either be full time role or a part time role until the funds are raised, after which it will require all Co-Founders to work full-time on the business without any other professional distractions. The equity split will be fair and generous amongst the Co-Founding team, with equal partnership options available. 

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