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Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer wanted, for disruptive data app. (Remote working)
at Adair Systems

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  • London
  • fulltime

Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

This role ALSO accepts expressions of interest from those currently on furlough - anyone can apply

Please note this is an equity only position at this current time. Equity Discussions will be held with the right person.

An ideal position for someone to join a startup, pre-incorporation at the start of its journey...

The Idea

If Coronavirus and recent years have told us anything, it is that despite the great technological innovations of the past 20 years, our communities remain under-teched. Local government still struggles to provide services, and people across the world still face struggles with access to services. I want to change that.

Our communities, wherever they maybe, remain under-teched. While it is true that most service providers and decision-makers are now digital, actively gathering a huge stockpile of data on pretty much anything. The data remains siloed, and on the whole, mostly inaccessible to the majority. If there is one thing people want now is greater transparency, more accountability and the tools to see what is going on with their data, in a simple easy to access format.

That is where I want to step in. With a platform that leverages all this data - from many sources - and bring it together, in a way that is local and works with the many users/providers of data, instead of against them.

Colloboration. Partnership. Community. Are the key ideas behind this new startup.

Your fellow Co-Founder/

I am a veteran of many startups, and have many years of experience in the industry. I have tried 2 startups, and have raised a few funding rounds over the years. I have been proud to work with many brands, from VCs, to traditional Manufacturers to radical new startups. I'd dare say I've been round the block, and like to think I know what works and doesn't. I also recognise when to fill a gap, I can't, so I felt it neccessary to reach out to others with the same passion.

With this startup concept; I hold a degree in politics and was politically active for a short time. I have backgrounds in property, construction and technology.

The role

I am seeking a Co-Founder Chief Brand Officer. The role will be equity based currently, with remote working. Unless and until, we are in a position to setup a permanent workspace. The Chief Brand Officer, should and be able, to point out errors or mistakes, we may make together. Management should be able to give feedback and be willing to take it.

  • The CBO will be responsible for, but not limited to, the business's brand image, experience and promise
  • The CBO will also, at this stage, be responsible for marketing, advertising, public relations and customer service. (These areas maybe spun off into other roles, but this can be discussed, if they are).
  • The CBO will also be comfortable with c-level discussions and boardroom level meetings, including any partners that the business comes into discussions with.

The Chief Brand Officer will be:

  1. Experienced with startups,
  2. Experienced with Incubators, VCs and other organisations
  3. Experienced in pitching, presenting and outreaching at many levels of business
  4. Experienced in marketing and branding for startups
  5. Any skills with applicable software would be welcome e.g. adobe
  6. Experienced with hiring and leading teams of people in a technology environment.
  7. Any experience in public sector, political or big organisations would be helpful.
  8. Able and willing to go the extra mile, in building the future.


In conclusion, the startup is currently in idea/validation stage. As I feel it important to get the core business correct, rather than focus on the branding and PR aspects, that many fall into. I am in discussions with pre-seed incubators, and other partners about putting together the concept into a viable business.

Next steps, will be upon appointment, putting together a roadmap from pre-seed/seed/Series A with clearly marked milestones for development of an MVP to Marketing.

The right candidate will be appointed at anytime, if we click and things fall into place.

Any questions please email or send in an application, and I can respond fully.

Applicants please send cv and a note about why you want to join, and where you want to take our business.

Agency applications will be ignored.

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