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In house full stack developer (PHP, HTML, JS, CSS)
at Sterling Mint ltd

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  • Newcastle-under-Lyme
  • fulltime

Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

No Agencies + Candidiates need to be able to work in Newcastle Under Lyme, UK


We are looking to hire an amazing in-house full stack developer to take over development and maintenance of our systems which have been developed by an offshore team.

We want to be able to effectively scale and evolve our platform under our own control so are looking to start building our internal team who will then be supported by our existing external agencies as required.

Our current technology stack includes:

  • Wordpress (PHP)

  • WooCommerce (PHP)

  • ZOHO (full suite including CRM, Inventory & Books) - with custom Deluge scripts for workflow automation

  • Stripe (integrated with ZOHO + custom integrations)

  • Bespoke (PHP) integrations between WooCommerce, ZOHO and Stripe

In addition we have a number of integrations with external systems  (e.g. Royalmail shipping & tracking).

We know it’s not simple taking over code that’s already been delivered, but we don’t need someone for whom the only answer is to rewrite everything. 

Your job will be to own our systems and make them the best they can be and ensure we always know what opportunities we have to improve and what risks we are running. This will include managing our technical debt backlog to ensure we are working on our code quality and system evolution.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • Is available to work locally in our Newcastle-under-Lyme offices in Staffordshire (although some remote working is possible)

  • Loves working with others and contributing to a high performing team, whether remotely or together in the office

  • Is able to deal with the wide range of technologies and platforms we have in place (PHP, Wordpress, ZOHO, CSS, HTML, JS etc) without the task not involving only the latest Javascript framework

  • Knows that CSS is tricky but has a good visual eye and can show examples of great visual exiriences on desktop and mobile created by them

  • Has experience of Wordpress and has experience of customising and maintaining themes and plugins

  • Has great development discipline and has demonstrated the ability to bring clarity when delivering change in complex environments

  • Is experienced in git workflow and can articulate why it matters

  • Is able to work effectively with a Kanban style delivery process with high levels of discipline in managing tickets/workflow

  • Has experience of delivering integrations between systems using APIs and in dealing with errors and issues with external APIs

  • Is unafraid of using available libraries rather than crafting everything in a bespoke way but can deliver custom integrations to do this if required

  • Uses dependency management tools like PHP composer rather than randomly installing scripts in project folders, capabilities such as dotenv to avoid committing secrets to git repositories and tools like phpenv to manage PHP versions in development

  • Understands how to create and manage devops pipelines for deployment (even if it is does involve Wordpress - e.g. using VersionPress) that can deliver repeatable and controlled system deployments

  • Has used and appreciates the point of linting and standards like the Wordpress Coding Standard 

  • Loves clean code and refuses to tolerate poor indentation and commented out code that no longer is relevant to appear in the source as a point of principle

  • Is enthusiastic about the benefits of, rather than nervous about, code review

  • Knows Wordpress deployment and management is challenging and complicated but can demonstrate they have previously been able manage this effectively

  • Has demonstrated their ability to respond quickly and clearly to requests even when busy even if the response is to set expectations about when it will be dealt with

  • Is able to communicate clearly and effectively with non technical staff

  • Demonstrably completes development tasks that don’t always conform to their experience or favoured task type

  • Has demonstrated ability to learn and adapt

  • Knows that the code they need to support may be imperfect but rewriting everything is not realistic so is able to prioritise key areas for immediate focus

About us

We are a rapidly growing business thanks to the excellence of the coins we offer our clients and the lengths we go to in ensuring that they are completely satisfied with the service we provide. We couldn’t achieve that without having assembled the very best team of people. We care about our employees as much as our clients and that is reflected in the pay and conditions we offer.

The benefits we provide include:

  • Generous bonus scheme 

  • Fantastic incentives including weekends away

  • Excellent reward and recognition schemes

  • Attractive pension arrangements

  • Generous holiday allowances

  • Genuine career progression opportunities as the company grows further

  • An incredible working atmosphere surrounded by dynamic, friendly people

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