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Real Estate Sales Executive, London desk
at ZipKin

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  • London
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Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

Real Estate Sales Executive, London desk

Hi, my name is Anton - one of the founders of Zipkin Real Estate. We are working with world’s most prestigious and demanding property market - London.


Two things put us in front of the competition and make clients want to work with us - novelty and quality. That means we invest in latest technologies to offer our clients maximum convenience at an unprecedented level of quality.


We entered the market with goal to avoid the burden that classic real estate agencies are carrying. We are not driven by inertia and old ways, instead we closely follow the market and keep ourselves aligned with the needs of our clients. We have streamlined our model to allow us carefully listen market trends and follow them without having to re-train or re-design any of our processes.


Our light-weight model is coated with our signature customer service. Each client is served in a way that works best for him - that means viewings after hours and on weekends; that means holding conversation on platform of client’s choice; that means negotiating best terms even without being asked to do so. You get the idea - fighting in the corner of our client. We work in high-end segment and our clients are successful people who excel in what they do and they always spot the difference. And once they do, they genuinely want to work with us. 


Our team is our face and is just as important to us. That’s why we play it fair and use common sense and require everyone in the team to do the same. No office politics or other mumbo-jumbo. We don’t pay flat fees to our agents, but offer signing bonus to support while your pipeline is filling up. We are volume driven business and offer fair 15% of each deal, payable same day as money hit company’s account, no deductions. Any agent in this position can easily expect to take home anywhere between £10.000 and 15.000/month and we don’t put any caps.


We don’t want our agents spending time cold calling through old lists. We ensure our agents get fresh high quality leads to work with, this is made possible through our partnership with digital industry leaders and our heavy investment in marketing. We give agents ground for success and in return we require our agents to have strong market expertise and entrepreneurial mindset. 


Our customer coverage will span across Middle East, Asia, Europe and UK. Each segment will be gradually taken on, starting with London and that’s why we are looking for Sales Executive to join our established London desk.


Your output:

  • London new-build flat or house sold to a client and our company gets a fair fee for the deal.


Your responsibility:

  • Timely processing of the incoming leads in line with company’s standards and reflecting your progress in CRM.
  • Preparing selection of options for prospective clients to help them narrow the search. Swift communication with developers to collate real-time snapshot of available options and presenting information to the clients.
  • Viewings logistics management on behalf of the client.
  • Full ownership of the deal until developer transfers the fee into company’s account.


Working with ZipKin will suit you if:

  • You have experience living and selling real estate in London in medium and high-end price range.
  • You feel you are meant to do more and will not shy away from responsibility in running this business.
  • You feel uplifted by delivering work on an exceptional level of quality.
  • You have an eye for detail and will start your email with words - “I’m curious”



  • We don’t pay flat fees, but offer £3.000 signing bonus to support you while your pipeline is filling up. We offer you 15% of each deal, payable same day as money hit company’s account, no deductions. 
  • 3 month contract with option to switch to employment after.
  • We provide strong stream of fresh and high-quality leads landing straight into convenient CRM system. You are not expected to generate leads yourself.



  • We don’t cap your income - seasoned agents can expect to get £15.000-25.000/month and our terms remain fixed on any levels.
  • This is a new business with a lot of milestones underway. We invite our team to participate in the decision making process and define the business. What you are going to make of this opportunity is up to you.


Join us in this adventure - it will be an interesting one.


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