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Co-founder/CMO (REMOTE)
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Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

This role ALSO accepts expressions of interest from those currently on furlough - anyone can apply

Due to Covid-19, our restaurant and catering industry is in a precarious position. Whilst social distancing remains a reality, it's highly likely that dining out will be a restricted activity for some time. This is going to hit the industry hard, with many businesses at risk.

Some enterprising restaurants have innovated around this, and used their core competencies to develop restaurant quality meal kits. This idea is already an established category in the US with companies such as, and now might be the time to bring this concept to the UK.

The business idea is a simple multi-vendor marketplace that allows restaurants to upload and sell their restaurant dine-in kits. The value to the restaurant is that this should enable them to retail their kits without needing to implement an e-commerce platform into their existing website, or need to activate any digital campaigns to raise awareness. For the consumer, the value comes from being able to see all the available restaurant kits in one place.

So far, we've built a team of extraordinary people that are working on this idea on a not-for-profit basis, volunteering their time to support restaurants and other food businesses whilst the Covid-19 situation is still critical. If the idea proves successful and sustainable beyond the crisis period, we intend to refine the business model, raise funds and develop into a for-profit organisation.

There is a prototype in development utilising an 'out-of-the-box' solution, which is limited, but could be good enough for now. It allows for a reasonable degree of frontend customisation, and is quick, efficient, and relatively cheap. However, there is a lot of work to do.

We need to add to our team, and we specifically need a creative and passionate marketing expert to join as a CMO and lead all our marketing efforts. This person should be a highly data-driven and technically proficient digital marketing/sem expert that can produce wonders with limited budget and limited tools. We need this person to be our leader on all things digital, implementing the building blocks and infrastructure that can help us grow.

You'll also need the following, or this just isn't going to work:

- Be willing to commit 20+ hours per week on the project, with no salary, until we raise funds, at which point we can then discuss remuneration.

- Have a real love of food and dining out.

- Be very comfortable working remotely, potentially indefinitely.

At this stage, we are really looking for someone that has the time and opportunity to make a commitment, and become an instrumental member of the team. In return, they'll have a company they can call their own, a fair amount of equity, and once funding is achieved we'll be able to offer a salary and a team to help us grow. Until then, this is a 'roll-up-your-sleeves' kind of a role - we're all doing the same, and we need someone with the same work ethic that can set an example.

That's the pitch! If you would be keen to get involved, then please apply, just outlining why you're interested.

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