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Gamer Community Manager (flexible location, also open to part-time and freelance)
at eBlitz

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  • London
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Confirmed - The role is still hiring despite coronavirus

This role ALSO accepts expressions of interest from those currently on furlough - anyone can apply

Brief introduction to eBlitz

eBlitz is setting out to change how gamers enjoy multi-player online games, by matching community-vetted gamers based on their objectives, skill levels, and availability. This allows gamers instantly team up and join any matchmaking servers they choose, or maybe even become the start of the next Faze Clan!

We want to use this as a starting point to engage our gamers, and eventually build a rich but cohesive ecosystem of features that allow every gamer achieve their goals, whether that is to have fun, improve their skills, or become professional.

Community Manager role

Engaging with our community is at the core of what we do, and we started to build presence on Twitter and Discord as part of our user research.

We now want to dedicate resource on growing/ activating our existing presence, and expanding into other platforms such as Reddit and Facebook as well. Below is a list of key roles we envisage for this role:

  • Establish presence and identity for both eBlitz (e.g. Facebook page, Twitter account, Sub-reddit, etc.) and you as an eBlitz team member (presence in existing established social media communities of the various games)
  • Regular posts and reactions 
  • Design and manage continuous campaigns to drive engaged followers to the eBlitz brand/ community
  • Manage design/ feature testing campaigns and collect user feedback (with active support from the rest of the team)
  • Identify partnership potentials with existing social communities and influencers in preparation for late summer open launch

We believe this can easily be a full time job to cover all the games and social platforms, but we would be interested to discuss part-time/ freelance arrangement with people who are passionate about a subset of what we do as well. We are very used to working remotely so we welcome talents from anywhere in the world! Below is some key skillset/ background we are looking for:

  • Passionate about Fortnite, CSGO, CoD MW and Valorant (doesn't have to be all!)
  • Active member of key social media groups of the above games, with good community status and reputation.
  • Familiarity and confidence in creating necessary graphic and multi-media assets needed for generating engaging posts
  • Enjoy fun conversations with users, and finding out the one thing that will improve their lives the most
  • Confidence in reaching out to operators of existing communities and initiating partnership dialogues

More about eBlitz

We have seen too many examples of precious gaming time and passion wasted on undue toxicity, and the misery of playing low quality games more often than not in the lower competitive ranks. These can all be solved by having the right team-mates.

eBlitz makes team-mates recommendations based on a large number of factors such as skills, play style, availability, etc. Using a simple left-right swipe action, our gamers can screen/ match with new team-mates and seamlessly transition into team chat/ game session. Every gamer has an Uber styled rating that they give to each other at the end of a game session, to help establish a community that every member cares about.

We always build our product together with our users, and our goal is continuously develop features to help gamers best achieve their goals, whether that's to just have fun, or level up, or going pro. We already have 1000+ users registering their interests on our site and 200+ members on our Discord server where we continuously share our interim designs. We also have an exciting features pipeline to benefit committed pro players and teams.

We are initially launching with Fortnite, CSGO, CoD MW and Valorant (in the order of what our users requested to date!), but aim to cover more game titles over the coming releases!

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