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Doxa - CMO & Partner (Equity / Revenue Generating / Education Start-up) at Doxa

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  • London
  • parttime

Shape our vision, join our co-founding team, and change the future of education with us.

Looking for a dynamic CMO, who can communicate and shape our vision to increase participation and uptake.

Doxa: Grow Beyond

We have over a hundred tutors on our platform and our founding team has thousands of hours of tutoring experience

  • We develop our student’s knowledge and thinking skills by stretching them beyond the traditional curriculum.
    • We identify their true passions and interests
    • We build pathways centered around these to develop their intellectual capabilities
    • We match them with teams of highly qualified & inspirational Mentors

 On average, our students are three times more likely to receive an offer from their university of choice

  • We enable our students continued development by aiding them with university applications
    • We aid with all aspects of the application, including tests and interview
    • We go beyond, providing students with counseling and guidance
    • We have a particular specialism in applications to Oxbridge

Our revenues have tripled over the last 3 months, with our client base growing substantially

  • We work with both private clients and other tutoring agencies
    • We have students who only utilise our services, who we manage and guide
    • We also work with large tutoring agencies based in China, providing programs to complement their existing services
    • We wish to expand this base and the marketing partner will be key to doing so

 Our CTO is developing a separate innovative resource technology platform

  • We are currently building an MVP utilising the resources & data we’ve accumulated from our tutors & clients
    • We are in the early stages of the platform, currently developing the MVP and conducting customer discovery
    • We will utilise it to stretch our student’s intellectual capabilities beyond the traditional curriculum, focused around resource engagement
    • We need a marketing partner to help develop our core messaging

Role: CMO & Partner

The “Partner” part of the title is particularly important for us. We want an individual who will go beyond the confines of a job, to help shape our vision – this will be their company too. Functions will include (but not be confined to):

  • Marketing for B2B & B2C
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Product development
  • Pitching

Depending on the direction of the company, the role could include attendance of key education conferences, trips abroad (including China, Vietnam, Dubai & Malaysia) for client recruitment, pitching at investment events. In addition, this would include a product management role, helping us shape our core offering and working closely with our CTO.

At the moment this role would be in return for equity – amount dependent on previous experience and measured performance. In the longer term, it would involve a salary. We are interested in both part-time and full-time applications.

Person Specification: Passion & Experience

We don’t have a specific person in mind – we’re excited to hear from people with different experiences and backgrounds. On our diverse 3-person co-founding team, we have multiple ethnicities, personality types, age ranges, and educational backgrounds.

What we do want is:

  • Interest in education
    • We truly believe we are what our students grow beyond. We do what we do because we love watching our students develop
  • Marketing background
    • We need someone to shout our product from every rooftop. We need someone who can spot opportunities and seize them without hesitation
  • Self-starter
    • We need someone who can handle instability and change. No day is the same and every day involves something new; persistence is key when joining a start-up venture

Nice to haves:

  • Connections with schools & tutoring agencies
  • Experience with Oxbridge applicants
  • Experience teaching
  • Start-up experience
  • Formal marketing experience
  • Demonstratable revenue growth
  • Product development experience
  • Pitching experience
  • EdTech experience

Next Steps

If this sounds like the role for you, please get in touch with both a CV and covering letter. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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