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Flexible, Fun and work in your own time. Join our Web Chat Agency
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B2B lead generation Freelance contract

Park Row Introductory project


This is a flexible campaign where you make yourself available for inbound web chat on your phone or laptop


All you need to do is be available to take online web chats as and when they come in and schedule callbacks by running through the pre-agreed questions. You get paid for each callback you secure. This is a pay-per-lead opportunity for now, but we can pass you on to an hourly rate opportunity and help you build a team to take chats.



£10 per lead secured

Payment terms

Paid for prior month’s leads on the 15th

Trees planted

We plant a tree for every lead that you generate


The customer base

Visitors to client’s websites

The product

Varies depending on the campaign, but your involvement is very simple, simply taking inbound web chat as and when they come in  

Speaking to

Website visitors 

What we are looking to do

Secure Call backs 

What you’ll need

  • A stable internet connection to receive inbound web chat 
  • A smart phone or laptop with which you can login to the app
  • Agree with us the hours you’d like to be available to receive chats
  • Ensure that you and your team stick to the code of conduct 


What we provide 

  • The systems and the pre agreed chat content
  • Product training & ongoing coaching to help make it easy for you
  • Clear, realistic KPI’s and goals so you know exactly what you need to do


Code of conduct

You and your team must adhere to the code of conduct at all times. We will hold you directly responsible for ensuring all reps that you manage/hire/subcontract also adhere to the code of conduct 


Interested? Complete our assessment using the cover letter 

We’d love to hear more from you! Send your CV with a summary of your life in 50 word max 

  • What it was like growing up
  • What you're up to now?
  • What your plans are in the future?

There's a 50 word limit on your response

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