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We Are

Breaking The Law

LawAdvisor was founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Australia with a fearless and ambitious belief: that everybody should have access to justice.

We hypothesised that the high costs, inefficiencies, and difficulties of obtaining legal help could be overcome simply by providing greater access to legal information, and by providing everybody with real-time access to high-quality, affordable lawyers online.

Our mission has since been supported by thousands of lawyers and has allowed us to expand and set up offices across the globe.  We've also attracted high profile investors and partners who have shared our mission to transform legal service delivery.

We're still not satisfied. The potential exists to completely revolutionise the practice of law. The start of this decade has delivered LawAdvisor with a new mandate: to overhaul and transform how lawyers work, and how people interact with and consume legal services, with state of the art legal practice management technology to (i) increase efficiencies; (ii) automate routine processes; (iii) increase transparency; (iv) bring the legal practice to the 21st century.

We Need… 

A Visionary

Although once lauded as a Business Development Manager, we believe that the role has evolved and should now be displaced by those who not only possess the gift of the gab and a supreme command of their company’s products and services, but who can become a trusted advisor to the industry in which they operate.  

LawAdvisor prides itself on creating the future of legal practice. We’re responsible for transporting our company and our clients into a future we’re yet to enter. Thus, a big part of the role of a Product Strategist is to be a visionary - visualising, inventing, and advocating for tech-enabled legal practices. 

You are curious about our market and the relationships that it comprises. Your domain knowledge allows you not only to engage in ‘law-speak’ and to empathise with our clients’ problems, but more importantly, engender credibility and trust when you put forward solutions to these problems. As an articulate and ambitious communicator, you can clearly (and succinctly) identify and nurture business opportunities.

We’re not asking for much: just for you to take a leadership role in the company and to use your skillset to drive new leads and opportunities, help create out-of-the-box marketing and sales campaigns, ensure sustainable and continuous growth, and forge invaluable relationships. 

You Will… 

  • Understand that startups are chaotic but kind of enjoy it. You thrive in chaos and can interpret loosely defined instructions.
  • Operate with urgency. Everyday is a chance to achieve and succeed.
  • Own OKRs: you will create company and departmental goals that you will own and consistently measure.
  • Understand the legal-technology ‘space’ and the value systems that surround our market.
  • Be the professor of our users’ “pain points”. You not only empathise with our clients, but you will be well versed in describing the problems we are trying to solve.
  • Identify new business initiatives: you reflect on our current strategies and further refine, improve upon, or completely revamp these strategies.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver presentations: as you build new relationships with key stakeholders, you’ll be entrusted to deliver effective pitches with a view to winning work.
  • Remain ahead of the curve: your intimate understanding of the industry allows you to help our clients identify new business opportunities that can be enabled through the adoption of our technology.
  • Build meaningful relationships: some of the best business deals are closed at the pub.
  • Use your expert leadership, organisation and execution skills to lead, engage and produce visionary work with your team.

You Should Have… 

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Business Management, Marketing, Product Management, or another related field or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3+ years of proven experience in legal practice, sales, marketing, business development or another related field.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills: you are faced with a variety of situations so you need to be able to problem-solve and analytically think as the situation demands.
  • Strong written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal skills: your ability to communicate and present effectively is our key to unlocking new opportunities.
  • A strong command of using digital tools to enable your workflow. 
  • A proactive mindset: you can work with little to no guidance as you are well versed with exhausting all the resources at your disposal.
  • The ability to build domain and industry knowledge quickly.
  • Previous experience in negotiating deals. 

Bonus Points… 

  • MBA.
  • Thrive under pressure.
  • Previous experience as a Business Development Manager, Commercial Manager, Sales Executive, Business Development Executive, Sales Manager, or another similar position.
  • Previous experience in customer service.
  • Previous experience in a startup environment.
  • Experience working with a remote team.
  • Experience working in the legal services industry.

We’ll Offer…

  • A highly-skilled, driven and dedicated team.
  • Competitive salary: we strive to always provide industry market rates. 
  • Remote work opportunities: our team is distributed across the globe and we enjoy the flexibility of working remotely when possible.
  • Continuous learning and development: whether by way of conferences, online courses, or further study, we’re here to support your personal and professional growth. 
  • Company retreats: While Zoom and Slack is our operating system, our company retreats allow us to create long-lasting bonds with each other and to feel human.
  • A direct line with our key users, and influential high-level stakeholders (investors, advisors, and other relevant members) to use as and when needed.

Our Values…

  • Win and grow together: strive to become the best in your field and always seek growth opportunities. You are not afraid of challenges or afraid to fail because you have a growth mindset.
  • Nothing is too small: you’re never too big to do the smallest things.
  • Pressure makes diamonds: as a team, we train to win. You are not scared of pressure and embrace challenges and never lose your resolve.
  • Continuous improvement: as a leader in the legal technology space, we will continue pushing through the boundaries to create breakthrough legal products.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: we don’t concern ourselves with office politics. There are plenty of opportunities to earn, learn, grow and succeed together. 

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