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Hey, I am looking for a co-founder for a company that I have named Mention Lemon. I have been expanding the idea of for a year and have now begun actualising it. However, having worked on the concept for so long, alone, my inspiration and creativity dwindle. So, I am looking for a partner to brainstorm, bounce ideas off of and share this exciting and fun journey with.

The perfect co-founder to compliment myself, would be energetic, fun, keen and focused on creating a fantastic product. I am creative and enjoy design, so a person versed in the ways of technology would be great. But, I would also appreciate another creative to share this incredible journey with. The other general co-founder stuff applies to as well :) - including financial stuff, marketing... It is preferable that the co-founder is available for calls, brainstorming and other required chats, 3-5 times a week and is based in the UK but not the location is not necessary.

Being the start of the business, renumeration is not guaranteed straight away but with a week or two of hard work will be easily obtainable.

A brief overview of Mention Lemon, we will assist video game developers in role advertisement, branding and community engagement. However, to begin with, I want to focus on role advertisement and recruitment, like the others, I have further plans for and will require an epic web developer (and money). On the other side of the spectrum, we would also assist applicants and candidates in finding the perfect role/opening for them. For both, we will have an online website database which will offer a free version of our services, for other plans, we would do social promotion and ads, and carry out the whole recruitment process (incl. interviewingetc.). Again for both, we would provide tips and recourses to help the incl—portfolio guides, cv writing, red flags etc. 

Please see the link - to understand the design and ideas I'm currently thinking of, of course, it's not finished.

I have a partnership ready with two companies; one is a video game developer, looking to help graduates and students get into the gaming industry, so they will help provide job interviews, guides and tips, and challenges and also a partners area for other developers and guides to building a video game studio.

The other is a creative agency, for both businesses and candidates, who will offer discounts (TBC) depending on the customer chosen plan, and they will help business with branding, website building, marketing etc. and candidates with portfolio designing and making.

I don't want to take up all of your time, so I will leave it there. Please write a cover letter, open with the word 'Neptune:' to inform me you have read everything and also following, tell me about yourself and your hobbies.

Thanks, can't wait to have a call with you,

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