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Independent music streaming service - Looking for co-founder

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  • London
  • parttime


MRCL is an independent music subscription and streaming service. The core concept of the app derived from my personal problem of how immensely difficult it became to discover new, fresh global musical talent when streaming services took over. I am looking to "disrupt" the industry by changing the focus from multi-millionaire artists being on the front, to only the newest independent talents from absolutely any genre and country. We are also selling a unique proposition by bringing back phsycial music and intertwining it with the app as one package.


I am a product designer of almost 10 years and have worked with top level agencies as well as over 50 global brands. I have been part of teams who develop app's and websites for a combined userbase of 10 million people. I have a no nonsense philosophy in product design and concentrate on creating the most absolute cutting edge products from end to end research, branding, testing and production.

I was also an ex cofounder of an incredibly stressful telco startup. Unfortunately it did not succeed but as a result I have in-depth knowledge of startup experience especially from the mistakes we made which can be a priceless thing to know.


I am looking for an individual who comes from a selling background, (This is what I am terrible at) who loves music and preferably with some connections to the music industry, to jump onboard and take charge of pitching and selling the product. I would need the co-founder to also handle music licencing and anything else related to how we handle the audio content and avoiding infringements.

I will myself take care of the product itself, as it is already developed and operational. I have an external development team which I bootstrap fund. 

I am not looking for full-time work, I have a family myself so we both will be on this part-time. My absolute goal is to get backing from a label or any other entity/angel from the music industry, we don't even need finance as the product is ready.

If you have the skills and looking for a game changing and immensely fun product to work on, give me a buzz and I'll run you past the service.

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