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Co-founder & CTO
at BizNest

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About the Project

An exciting project in a large market, riddled with problems...
The goal of our product is to bridge the gap between early-stage startups and VCs. Currently, data on early-stage startups is inaccurate and fragmented - we are on a mission to change this! 
The way the product will function is similar to a digital accelerator, providing the key tools & resources entrepreneurs need to go from concept through to raising investment. 

We have recently built an MVP within Notion to validate our initial solution hypotheses. We will soon be creating product requirements and looking at potential technologies to build a bespoke solution to solve our customers problems. 

We are now searching for a third co-founder who has solid experience of creating web and mobile apps in a managerial position. As software is the primary way we deliver value to our customers, this is a key role that will be rewarded with a significant equity-stake in the company. 

The Team & Background

Mark; (Product Owner & Business Development / CEO)
Based in London, England.
I have 6 years experience in project management, strategic partnerships and business development. I helped the last company I worked with grow to a £430m acquisition. 
I'm a big-hearted chap who enjoys travel, hiking, tennis and (LOVES) entrepreneurship.

Paul; (UX and UI Lead / CXO)
Based in Surrey, England. 
I have over 15 years experience designing digital products and setting up businesses. My biggest achievement so far is raising £3m+ for a cryptocurrency Edtech platform. I fixate on the 'why' before executing the 'how' and the 'what'.  

What we’re looking for

We have a hipster and a hustler, now we just need our hacker! 

We are not just looking for someone talented, but someone who also intimately understands and has experienced the problem we aim to solve. We have some great early validation of this space, and that our value proposition can deliver an effective solution, but there is still a way to go. 
This position will give someone a lot of flexibility to choose their preferred tech stack, hire the dream team and then execute on a product that could significanlty improve the startup ecosystem. 

We are looking for a hands-on CTO. Someone who can help to get a functional and bespoke product off the ground quickly. They will then sit alongside the management team to help raise our first round of investment and manage the product roadmap moving forward. 

Essential Skills:

  • Hands-on software development for building a bespoke MVP - Utilising data from customers to create a functional product with active users 
  • Managerial skills to effectively build and manage a tech team
  • Previous experience working with startups
  • Understanding of lean startup metholodogies, particularly customer discovery & customer development 
  • Motivation, capacity and skill set to be a key member of a founding team and help to grow a business to £200m + valuation


  • Working knowledge / strong interest in AI  
  • Enviable contacts and network in the London startup ecoystem
  • Knowledge of the UK investment landscape, particularly at early-stage 
  • Digital marketing experience to include copywriting, SEO and community building 

This project is truly collaborative and you will get a significant equity stake in the business, along with  a lot of control in helping us to steer the direction of the company. 

Thanks for reading!

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