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For us to consider your application, please include a cover letter and answer the following questions :)

1. LinkedIn profile URL (if you have one, if not please attach your CV):
2. Twitter handle (optional):
3. How are your experience and skills a great fit for being design advocate at zeroheight?
4. What sources do you use (newsletters, blogs, communities etc.) to stay up-to-date on the UX world?
5. What's the most interesting UX news, article, video etc. that you have come across recently and what was interesting about it?


TLDR: You love UX design and you love connecting with people even more. You're passionate about design systems and excited by the challenge of owning and growing a community of designers and developers, as well as creating and executing a content strategy around design systems.

5 reasons you should apply

  1. We're on a super exciting trajectory. zeroheight is growing fast. We're at the cutting edge of the UX industry and thanks to the backing of investors like Y Combinator and Adobe we have everything we need to become the leader in design systems.
  2. You'll have a huge impact. You'll have full ownership of content/community at zeroheight and be critical to the company's success – you'll see your efforts pay off in the form of a growing community that you'll be educating, engaging with, collaborating with and inspiring every single day!
  3. The design system community is awesome. They're mostly designers and engineers themselves so we speak the same language and they're a really awesome group of people to engage with.
  4. It'll be both rewarding and fun. Being part of a growing startup and seeing it succeed thanks to your efforts is hugely rewarding. Also, startups are fun :)
  5. Exciting career opportunities ahead. Joining a startup in the early days has the potential to fast-track your career!

What will you be doing?

TLDR: You’ll spend most of your time either curating innovative / educational content around design systems or engaging with the design system community online (and eventually also offline, pandemic permitting!)

Content strategy

You'll be responsible for zeroheight's voice and thought leadership in the community. This will involve researching, creating and curating content in many different formats such as our newsletter, blog, webinars, tutorials, guides, interviews with design leaders, design system utils, and more! You'll also be responsible for developing partnerships, managing our content campaigns and distributing content via the appropriate channels.

UX community presence

You'll be the face of zeroheight in various UX and design system communities online and offline. People will recognize you and see you as someone helpful and active in the community. You'll be our eyes and ears on the ground and regularly report back to the team on zeroheight feedback, feature requests, latest design system trends, problems and interesting news happening in the community etc.

Managing our own community & social channels

You'll be responsible for managing and growing the zeroheight community itself. This will involve engaging with our users, tracking feature requests and managing / improving how we engage with them through our various social channels (mainly via our forum, Twitter, Slack and LinkedIn)

Online / offline events

You'll attend and organize online events around design systems (and eventually offline events when it's safe to do so!). You'll be the main representative from zeroheight at UX and design system meetups and events. You'll also do things like organize interviews with thought leaders, plan zeroheight's own meetups and speak or run promotional booths at relevant conferences.

Developing partnerships

Through your online and offline engagement, you'll build meaningful relationships with other members of the UX and design system communities. You'll seek out and hone relationships with thought leaders and develop partnerships with conference organizers, influencers, design leaders and other design companies.

Find out more by reading about what your first 6 months would look like


Are we a good match?

Don't worry, you don't need to tick all the boxes below to be a good fit! These are just some of the traits we value for this role.

You have a UX design background

This one is pretty important! We want whoever is in this role to be able to have meaningful, credible and helpful conversations with the community about design systems and the future of product design.

You're excited by our mission

zeroheight is on a mission to make sophisticated design systems possible for every company in the world – if that sounds exciting, this might be the role for you!

You thrive off social connection

You're a fantastic and enthusiastic communicator who loves to engage with and help others, especially if the topic is UX design. Whether over video, in person or on social media – if it means connecting with others, then you're fired up!

You have experience in a similar role

You've already worked in a role where you were responsible for managing a community and creating a content playbook – you're an expert with a variety of social channels and know what strategies and tactics to use to build and grow a community.

You're excited to work at a startup

You've ideally worked at other startups or just love the sound of them and are excited about the buzz, autonomy, ownership and sense of purpose that comes with working at one!

Let's make this happen!

We move quickly and try to keep things simple:

  1. You apply - make sure to include a cover letter (see instructions at the top of this listing)
  2. If it seems like a fit, we have an initial video call to find out a bit more about each other
  3. If things click on the call, we schedule another call or two where we'll assess your skills for this role
  4. You meet the founders and discuss your career and motivations in more detail
  5. We make a decision quickly and let you know

Note: you must be eligible to work in the UK as we can't sponsor visas

About us

About the team

  • We're a (growing!) team of 9 friendly people
  • We have a flexible work-from-home culture and offer flexible working hours — we value ownership and judge people by what they deliver, not how many hours we see each other in the office
  • We're design-driven — we think outstanding design gives companies a competitive advantage so we take a lot of pride in the product we're building and listen very carefully to what our users want
  • Like many companies we're all working remotely right now but during normal times we're based in a lovely co-working space in London called Second Home — it's a unique, inspiring place with many, many plants, curved walls and a lovely community of people (and showers!). We can't wait to go back :)
  • We eat lunch together (again, during normal times!)
  • We're pretty light-hearted and don't take ourselves very seriously (we still do this despite being remote)
  • We avoid long and/or unnecessary meetings and we value asynchronous communication and uninterrupted periods of deep work to get things done
  • It's easy to always focus on the problem that's around the corner despite making great progress, so we make sure to celebrate small wins!

Company perks

  • Flexible working hours and work-from-home culture
  • Free yoga, wellness and other fitness activities
  • Lunch out with the team every month
  • Yearly budget for online courses and books
  • Generous new starter budget to spend on your workspace

About zeroheight

There is a fundamental shift in the UX industry towards using Design Systems to build products. Design Systems are systems of reusable UX components that allow companies to create and ship user interfaces more efficiently than ever before. All the design-driven companies have one, and we believe that in the future every company will.

But there's a problem: most companies don't have the resources to do it all themselves. This is where zeroheight comes in!  We make it possible for any company in the world to have the same quality of Design System tools that companies like Facebook and Google have.


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