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Lead Software Engineer
at KatKin

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  • London
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The opportunity:

We are revolutionising how parents feed cats by bringing to market fresh, personalised and species appropriate nutrition. We are doing this through world-leading expertise (including leveraging the best US expertise available), using technology for in-house production and personalisation, to offer the best possible food, and in time will make it accessible and affordable for every cat and parent. 

Our brand celebrates cats as companions at the heart of the home, and while we are laser focused on our core food proposition, we are building a one-stop club for cat parents. We're at the start of a very exciting journey. After spending 12 months developing our concept and product, we launched in January 2020 and our early customers love us, check out our TrustPilot (98% Excellent) and Facebook pages. We are backed by some of London’s best VCs and angels and are now scaling up fast.

How we work:

We experiment often and take bets on new products or indeed closing old features. We're looking for someone who cares about building the right thing and the smallest thing that proves value, questioning the importance of the work and not developing in a vacuum. Good ideas come from all of us and it’s important that Engineers are product and customer-centric. We are at an exciting stage of exploration and learning about our market and customers and we track our key metrics while we do this. 

You will join a small team of pragmatic Engineers that like to work closely with Customer Experience, Marketing and Finance to make sure we are optimising for the right things across the whole business. We work towards OKRs which we discuss and rework on a regular basis. We welcome the changing needs of the business but recognise the importance of a stable core domain and as such we are nearing zero bugs.

We have inherited a Shopify site with a small PHP backend but we have mostly tidied it up and are converting it over to Kotlin in small chunks. We value choosing the right tool for the job and keeping it simple (KISS), part of which is using a statically typed language with proper IDE support for long-term maintainability and scalability purposes. We have exciting green field work upcoming and a chance to build things right first time.

We offer shares and a competitive salary depending on your experience. We know that at this stage we need great engineers to lay the foundations for continuous delivery at a sustainable pace for years to come. 

About you:

We like working with people who are empathetic, who can communicate their ideas well and bring their team along with them. We think Engineering is first and foremost about working well together. You care about quality and maintainability, a well-modelled core domain and testing. You want to get to value as soon as possible but that does not mean putting any old code into production. You would like to lead a team when we grow.

You like being responsible for taking ideas from conception to building (and maintaining) them in production. You form your own opinions about the business context and the value of your work and can debate them effectively (strong opinions weakly held). You are happiest releasing multiple times per day, doing trunk-based development and continuous delivery with short build times (<1min).

We offer:
+ Competitive salary and meaningful equity.
+ Opportunity to join a growing early-stage business with funding.
+ Opportunity to help build and shape the future of our technology.
+ A close-knit team of friendly people.

+ Kotlin + http4k on the backend
+ Typescript on the frontend


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