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Backend Engineer to join founding team
at PeopleStack

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Backend Engineer to join founding team

Peoplestack is looking to create an employee management platform that solves the problems of HR, IT and payroll in onboarding and managing new employees. We want onboarding, which previously takes from half a day to multiple days of administration work, to take a few minutes. We want to provide a platform for HR to integrate multiple best-in-class point solutions to provide an overall superior experience of HR professionals and their employees.

Previous startups in this area have gone on to be worth well over a billion dollars, including Rippling and Gusto (US based) and Personio (Germany). We believe by taking a platform approach, it is possible to build an even better system that can scale much faster.


We are / We offer:

  • Pre-product, pre-revenue, pre-investment. 
  • This opportunity is either full time or part time (2-3 days a week) - we cannot offer a salary but do offer equity-based compensation for work.
  • Position will become full time after pre-seed investment (so we are looking for someone who is looking ultimately for a full time opportunity in the near future)
  • 2 full time (Commercial co-founder, Technical co-founder), 2 part-time engineers and one Product Designer currently working on the product.
  • Happy to work with any currently furloughed employees.


The role


We want a backend Engineer to join the team to build the backend of the MVP, and will be responsible from architecting the backend REST API through to database design. You will the development from design through to deployment


All members of our team must be willing to dedicate a minimum of 15 hours a week to this for the next 3 months as a minimum.



What we are looking for


We are looking for someone to join and be a true co-owner of the product. There are lots of ways to demonstrate this, but these are a few of the behaviours, experience and attributes we are looking for:


  • We are developing in F#. Experience in F# would be a massive plus but not essential (Experience of other functional languages such as Haskell, Scala, Lisp would be a fine substitute; failing that C# or Java experience if you have an interest in an functional programming).
  • Experience in either user authentication management or building pluggable systems is a plus.
  • Experience deploying cloud based applications, ideally on Azure with an ability to define infrastructure as code
  • Experience working with both SQL and NoSQL data stores is a plus
  • We want all our team to be customer-focused who will immediately go and speak to all their friends and ex-colleagues about what they do/don’t like about HR/Payroll software, and take our own views on the user with a healthy dose of skepticism and curiosity. You should also naturally be inclined to sign up for the free trials of similar products / competitors to understand the market without being prompted. If you can’t articulate why a certain engineering design decision is better for the user, then we don’t think it’s a good one.
  • We believe in domain driven design. We want to listen to the user and let the software reflect that.
  • We don’t believe in a ‘handover’ approach per se between design and front-end engineering, or front-end and back-end. We’re all responsible for building a user experience that will solve the problems for the customer, and all design and engineering decisions contribute to this - therefore, making decisions is essentially a shared responsibility and the conversation about feature development should be circular in nature.
  • If you see something that is obviously wrong with the product, you have the freedom to go and fix. We want someone who seeks impactful things to do, as opposed to waiting for topics to work on.


Our working style


  • We believe in talking about complexity early. The best way to talk about a great product is to spend an adequate amount of time discussing and getting everyone’s understanding of the product and the problem to the highest possible level. Obviously, there is a point of getting stuck in and learning by doing, but overall we bias towards debating and discussing more.
  • At this size, whilst we all occupy certain ‘roles’ in the business, we are also all joint owners and therefore welcome healthy debate about aspects that pertain to our roles. E.G the co-founders welcome input on overall company strategy. We expect all developers to be comfortable debating unemotionally but strongly about all aspects of the company strategy and the product - and not mind other people expressing informed opinions about their domain. 
  • The way we work is questioning everything to try to figure out the truth, expecting pushback and ideas. You should be comfortable with receiving an extremely high level of comments and questions about your ideas and suggestions - these are of course all constructive, and we expect the same level of constructive feedback from all other members of the team. Ultimately, we believe in discussing and debating on the best way of doing things, and we will do so without ego or hierarchy.


Proud member of the Disability Confident employer scheme
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