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Winter Internship- £10ph, WHF, 1-2hrs a day
at AdAid

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  • Tetbury
  • parttime
  • ₤10 per hour

Are you Looking for the perfect part-time job to fit around your studies? Or a holday earner? Look no further!

We need you to help us raise £1m for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie and get paid £10ph in the process.

Why join us?

  1. It’s for a great cause- This is your chance to make a tangible impact, a real difference to real people. Charities are in particular need right now with the current squeeze on donations due to coronavirus. 
  2. It’s super flexible- This is arguably the perfect student job, you dictate your own hours and you work from home, allowing this to slot in between your studies seamlessly. 
  3. It’s well paid- We find we get the best out of people when they are being fairly remunerated.  
  4. It looks great on your CV- Employers are looking for graduates who have worked during their time at university. They are also looking for evidence of remote working and the charitable nature of this work reflects very well on your character. We also give out awards like ‘Top Fundraiser’ that can make you stand out. P.S We write great references for the vast majority of our candidates
  5. You’ll learn something new- New skills are always valuable but particularly so when you are at the beginning of your career. We pay you to learn new skills. 
  6. Students love working with us- We’ve taken on 43 students just like you and we’ve only been working on this project for 3 months. Here’s what some of them said ‘I don’t have any constructive feedback, it was a delight to work with you’ Ellie MA Psychology ‘There was always someone to ask if I was unsure of anything’ Renee BSc Accounting ‘I was worried this was going to be salesy fundraising, asking people for money but it isn’t it is such a smart way of raising money for charity’ Rosario BA Russian.
  7. It’s not face to face fundraising- The job does not involve asking anyone to donate money to anything, you will not be speaking to customers or selling anything. 
  8. Limited spaces- You should apply right away if you are interested as we only have a few positions open. 


  1. You must be over 18
  2. You must be currently residing in the UK
  3. You must have access to a computer and an internet connection
  4. You must have never opened any online gambling accounts
  5. You must be able to commit 2hrs a day

What you will be doing

The role is varied and constantly developing based on the requirements at anyone time. AdAid develops innovative ways to raise money for our partner charities. The way we are currently doing that is by leveraging software for matched betting to create a surplus for our partner charites. Below is a list of tasks and activities that you will likely be doing during the role. 

  1. Form filling using relevant documents
  2. Using spreadsheets to keep track of cash flows
  3. Data entry
  4. Money handling
  5. Liaising with team members 
  6. Communicating progress
  7. Making online purchases 
  8. Making bank transfers 

Skills we look for:

Form filling, Excel ability, Attention to detail, Communication skills, Handle money responsibly, Online proficiency, Reliability, Autonomy, Honesty.

About AdAid

AdAid is one of very few social enterprise startups leading innovation in fundraising. We develop new and unique ways to raise money for charity. We stay away from conventional fundraising that involves government grants and asking people for donations, these areas are saturated. We are a social enterprise committed to raising £1m for Cancer Research UK and Marie Curie. Our founder Nic Charrington lost both of his grandparents to rare forms of cancer before he had a chance to get to know them. The cause is very close to us. AdAid recently Graduated from Launch Space, a business incubator at the University of the West of England.

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