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CTO / Senior fintech banking app developer at Rock and Turner

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  • We are a fin-tech startup looking to disrupt commercial finance by unlocking untapped capital within a business in a manner that has never been done before.
  • We will offer a product on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis to large blue chip / Fortune 500 corporations who are best positioned to benefit from the service.
  • We are in the seed capital / product development phase.
  • The first objective is to assemble a small team of founders with complimentary skill sets able to demonstrate the requisite competence and expertise to deliver the business. Angel investors and venture capitalists are concerned as much about the ability of the team to deliver as they are about the strength of the business proposition itself.
  • The existing team, including the founder, are from a finance/banking background:
    • The founder has enjoyed a 25 year career in finance and banking having worked at market leading institutions including Citigroup and Deutsche Bank. He is also a published author on the subject of corporate finance, investing and capital allocation within public companies.
    • The finance director, formerly a managing director of HSBC and a Partner in a corporate finance firm, is currently serving as CFO of two AIM listed companies having recently taken one through various funding stages and a successful IPO.
In this respect the "FIN" element of the Fin-Tech team is well covered and we are now looking for expertise on the "TECH" side of the business.
  • The company is looking to strengthen the existing team with the appointment of a person who will in all likelihood become the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) to contribute to the growth of the company as the development team grows.
  • We are looking for someone with expertise developing fin-tech software (apps and enterprise software), perhaps banking apps, with additional knowledge in relation to IT security and API connectivity.
  • The product design/specification has been documented and wireframes have been produced for the app. These wireframes are being converted into a prototype product to be demonstrated to investors.
  • We are now looking for someone able to build a team of IT professionals in order to develop the softwareIf. If the person has been involved in successfully building a fin-tech startup previously then that would be a huge bonus, although this is not an absolute requirement.
  • An entrepreneurial approach and mindset is, however, essential. What does this mean? You will become a founder and you will enjoy the many benefits that this brings. However, as a founder, all work done in preparation for raising seed capital will, by necessity, be on a sweat-equity basis. This may mean that your involvement in this business is initially on a part-time/spare-time basis so that you are able to continue earning a living elsewhere. Once funding is secured (within 3-6 months) you would then be working on a salaried basis.

  • The successful candidate will have the opportunity to become a shareholder in the business both in order to align interests with existing stakeholders and also to enable all founders to benefit financially from the success of the business.

    This is an immensely scalable business with large durable recurring revenue streams. Said differently, this has the potential to become a unicorn business and you have the opportunity to be involved from day one - the founders of businesses such as LinkedIn, Salesforce and other commercial software providers have all done very well financially - this is your chance to do the same.

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