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The Tech World Needs More Women: How to Rock That Job Interview

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Ladies, have you ever felt like you don't belong in the tech world? Well, it's time for a change! There’s no doubt that the tech industry has long been seen as a boys’ club, however women are making strides and breaking down barriers every day. 

Having said that, the interview process can be tough for women, with issues  such as unconscious bias, stereotyping, and cultural fit to contend with. But have no fear, we’ve got your back with some quality tips for nailing your next job interview and showing the tech world what you’re made of. 

Unconscious Bias: Don't Let It Hold You Back

Unconscious bias is a sneaky little devil that can sabotage your chances of landing that dream job. It's when interviewers hold biases (often without even realizing it) based on things like gender, race, or age. To combat this, make sure to really emphasize your qualifications and skills in the interview. Speak confidently and assertively, and don't be afraid to show off your expertise. It's also a good idea to research the company and the interviewer beforehand to get a sense of any potential biases that might be present. If all else fails, just show up in a Wonder Woman costume and show them who's boss! 

Stereotyping: Prove Them Wrong

Stereotyping is another issue that women may encounter in job interviews, particularly in tech. Some interviewers may assume that women are less technically skilled or less interested in tech, based on gender stereotypes. But don't let that stop you! Show them that you're a technical badass by emphasizing your skills and experience during the interview. Make sure to speak confidently and assertively about your technical abilities and have examples of past work to showcase. And if they still doubt you, challenge them to a coding duel!

Cultural Fit: Be Yourself, Unapologetically

Cultural fit is a term that is often thrown around in job interviews, particularly in the tech industry. But what does it really mean? It's all about how well you fit in with the company culture and values. While this can be a valid consideration, it can also be used to exclude candidates who don't fit a certain mold, particularly when it comes to gender and race. To combat this, be yourself, unapologetically. Research the company culture and values beforehand and highlight any experiences or values that align with those of the company. And if they still don't think you're a cultural fit, tell them that you'll start your own tech company and create a culture that's even better!

In conclusion, the tech world is in desperate need of more women, and job interviews shouldn't stand in our way. By being aware of the issues being faced and by being confident and unapologetically us, we can show the tech world what we're made of. If you're a woman in tech looking to land a new role, be sure to check out all the latest tech opportunities on our site! 

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