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WorkInStartups is the perfect meeting point between startups and talented, creative candidates. The startup environment is a very dynamic and complex one, and building the right team is essential for a startup's success.


This is where we come in: we bring you the best candidates, as we plan to become the place to go for jobs in startup. Launched in the summer of 2011, the site became popular instantly, many startups having found awesome team members through our site. We continued to grow ever since, so join us to become part of the best startups community.  


Why are we doing this? We truly believe that startups will bring major changes to the world as some of the business ideas out there are incredibly ingenious and plan to solve real problems, no matter the area the startup is functioning in. We love startups and we want to help the community develop and attract the best people out there to find awesome jobs and bring their own contribution. 


Meet the team

Diana ILINCA (Co-Founder)Diana Proca


Diana is the co-founder of WorkInStartups. Having worked in a corporation for almost five years, she decided to enter the world of startups building her own. Being interested in helping people and passionate about the startups community, she developed a tool that would help candidates on one side and startups on the other, with a definite objective to bring tangible benefits to both in the end. She is passionate about dogs and making the world a better place.



Alex BorbelyAlex Borbely (Co-Founder)


Alex is the technical co-founder of WorkInStartups. He is passionate about web technologies and has worked in this field for more than seven years. Alex is writing clean, readable and maintainable code as he masters heaps of technologies.

"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand" ~Martin Fowler