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Interview with Esme Verity: Impact Investment as a Game-Changer for Startups

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I am excited to introduce Esme Verity, the founder of Considered Capital, a company that is dedicated to helping founders of startups expand their funding knowledge. With her extensive experience in the startup world, Esme has become a respected figure in the industry, and her insights and advice have been invaluable to many entrepreneurs.

One of Esme's key beliefs is that startups should be able to access the resources they need to succeed, regardless of their background or experience. Her work at Considered Capital reflects this belief, and she has dedicated herself to helping startups of all types and sizes secure the funding they need to bring their ideas to life.

In this interview, we will delve into Esme's experience as a startup founder, her insights into the world of fundraising, and her vision for the future of Considered Capital. Her expertise and experience will provide valuable insights for any entrepreneur looking to secure funding for their startup, and we are excited to learn more about her journey.

Here’s what she had to say...

Can you tell me a bit about your background and how you came to found Considered Capital?

For the last five years, I’ve been working with thousands of founders to connect them to the right sources of funding and support. I found early on that when founders aren’t shown all the funding options available; they can quickly hit a brick wall with their business. This can create a blocker, not only to the business moving forward but to a founder’s confidence.

So I built Considered Capital to support founders to feel more confident and to think outside the box when going after what they need to build a successful business. Raising money can feel like a long, complicated slog. But with education and a community of brilliant minds and supportive energy, founders feel like they're in this together and reinforce one another’s confidence. 

So far, we’ve empowered thousands of founders to think beyond VC style funding and consider other funding routes. Our mission is to open up alternative funding and the world of funding options available for startups, founders and socially-led businesses. We are determined to challenge the notion that Venture Capital is the only way to fund your business and teach everyone to find a funding fit that aligns with their values and to feel confident to go and get it.

What do you think could be solutions to shift more funding to underrepresented groups? 

I believe we are heading into a new era of startup funding. Increasingly founders are demanding alternative funding models that promote a fairer, more sustainable and prosperous future for all. And funders are listening. Better funding options are coming, and they’ll be fairer and more accessible to all. 

Can you talk about any new initiatives or projects that Considered Capital is currently working on?

I’m glad you asked! Whether you're a founder or funder, we're educating people across the globe on all of the alternative routes to funding businesses through our free events, workshops, and our flagship Alternative Funding School.

To get a taste of how we do things, join us on Tuesday, 28th March, at 4BST for a one-hour fundraising event with two trailblazing founders who graduated from our Funding School. Laura and Dominic will take you along on their funding journey and how they successfully raised debt, equity and grant funding. 

Click the link below to grab your seat.


What advice would you give to a first-time founder aiming to secure funding in this rather harsh economic climate? 

Revenue revenue revenue! Focus on building a solid, profitable business that can grow without outside funding. Spend money carefully and on things that will help you navigate this fog of uncertainty so you can come out stronger.  Take the time to consider your funding options and identify the funding that will work for your business.  Consider what stage your business is at, your growth potential, and your business model. Keep this in mind when weighing up the pros and cons of each type of funding, and you will end up with a really robust and solid fundraising plan.

When or if you decide to raise, you’ll feel confident interacting with investors and asking for what you want. 

If you want help building a robust fundraising plan, then our Alternative Funding School is for you. We provide practical, hands-on support for founders raising mission-aligned funding. You'll be working alongside other founders on the same path and hear from our funding experts live, who'll show you which alternative path they took and how they succeeded. Apply to join our Summer cohort here



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