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Enjoy a good “Netflix and chill”? Well things are heating up in the global streaming space this week with the launch of Disney+ in the US, another service competing for your eyeballs against the likes of Netflix, Apple TV+, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile Warner Media and NBC Universal are also expected to launch their streaming platforms early next year. Is it me or is the streaming space starting to get a little crowded?

It used to be so cheap and simple. In 2018, Netflix was £8.50 a month and had pretty much every show. I could (and did) spend my weekends watching Disney classics, Lord of the Rings, Friends and Stranger Things. Now, if I want to watch all of the above I have to subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, which isn’t cheap or easy. The proliferation of streaming services is creating a pretty rubbish user experience. Hooray!

However, has increased competition ushered in a Golden Age of Television? Streaming services are spending like crazy on original content, with Netflix splurging $15bn on content in 2019 and Disney+ launching back-to-back Star Wars films. Consumers have more to choose from than ever before and there is a constant sleuth of hit films and TV shows. Big Little Lies, Killing Eve and The Handmaid’s Tale are just a few of the highlights from 2019 (in my mind). I’m excited to see what 2020 has in store for television and cinema! 

Perhaps there is an opportunity here for bold entrepreneurs. A streaming aggregator is arguably what we all need – a platform that houses all TV shows and films from different streaming platforms. I’m not sure how this would work (or if it’s even possible) – but surely it’s worth exploring? I reckon people would pay more for the convenience of having everything on one platform – maybe I’m just biased as that’s what Work In Startups does for UK startup jobs?


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