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Every week I enter your inbox with the world’s greatest newsletter. Yet occasionally, even geniuses run out of ideas. Including me. Between our failing New Year's resolutions, and Blue Monday earlier this week, many of us might feel in somewhat of a productivity slump. I've had enough of 'Lo-fi hip hop radio beats' on repeat already.

So, what’s an omniscient newsletter writer to do in order to get back into the groove? This is where you and I can turn to our fellow startups. Giants such as Grammarly were initially startups; so there’s clearly a market for optimisation of our productivity and creativity. Considering that a recent MIT Tech Review stated that there's an 'incoming AI productivity boom', it's worth keeping an eye out on this sector of the startup world. 

Deep work is a concept many individuals swear by. Dewo intelligently schedules meetings in a way which protects your deep work periods. This is extremely useful since meetings can occasionally break focus that requires momentum to build up. Why go Sicko Mode when you can go Dewo mode? 

On a similar note, Flown, dubbed the ‘Airbnb for deep work’ offers 'deep work-as-a-service'. The importance of how physical surroundings can impact your productivity is acknowledged here, as their product provides a curated list of properties which are distraction free and optimal for work. Flown has also racked up an impressive £1.2 million in funding.

Nonetheless, productivity doesn't have to be reliant on a new remote location or scheduling AI. Alternatively, getting into a healthy headspace can also be vital. Aura, who have been labelled the 'Spotify for Mindfulness' have dedicated meditations, stories and coaching tracks. It also provides personalised recommendation for the individual on a daily basis, and with over 5+ million worldwide users.

That's it for this week. Maybe I'll actually come up with an idea for the next newsletter.

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