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Celebrities Who Invest in Startups

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The end of March is upon us, meaning we’re a quarter of the way into 2022. It’s hard to believe that much time has passed already! This week’s fun came in the shape of the 94th Oscar Academy Awards last Sunday, where we got to see our favourite celebs strut their stuff on the red carpet.

These celebs, with their awards and consequent £££, are the perfect startup investment candidates. Here are some of our favourite British celebs who have branched out into the startup world:

Benedict Cumberbatch

Here’s one man you definitely will have caught at the Oscars this year, as he was nominated for Best Actor. Acting aside, Cumberbatch spends his time investing in Tentrr, an ‘Airbnb' for outdoorsy folk.

Usain Bolt

Bolt is a co-owner of WYLDE, an esports organisation founded during the pandemic. Can’t say I’m surprised that it’s a sports-themed startup!

Gary Lineker

Much to my surprise, Lineker was not nominated for Best Actor this year, despite all those Walker’s adverts. Aside from crisps, Lineker’s love lies with home security startup Neos, where he invested £1M in 2016.


With 15 Grammy Awards, who needs an Oscar? Rumour has it (as Adele sings), our beloved superstar has invested some of her ever-growing fortune in a tech startup. The company has a subsidiary, focused on music-related virtual reality, known as MelodyVR - how fitting.

Mathieu Flamini

This one is for all my Arsenal fans; Flamini co-founded GFBiochemicals in 2008, a startup with the aim to find sustainable alternatives to oil-based products.

Aston Kutcher

Perhaps the biggest celebrity startup investor ever, Kutcher has put more than $3 billion of funding into a large variety of startups. These include ShopifyShazamUberAirbnb, and Soundcloud, among others. He’s really committed to the startup world!


Know of any other celebs investing in startups that could be looking for new portfolio companies?  Hit us up and we can feature them here!

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