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Bank Holiday Weekend Activities from the Startup Sector

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It really feels like a 4-day working week could soon become the norm with all the bank holidays we’ve been having. I don’t think anyone’s mad about it, but we have certainly got to get our thinking hats on, and come up with activities for all this free time we have. As ever, startups are the solution. Today we’re presenting you with some of our leisure-themed favourites, so you can use them to fill the upcoming 3-day weekend.


A personal favourite of mine that can be used by our readers all around the globe. For any and every hike, any and everywhere, download the AllTrails app and get your hiking boots on! In 2021, the startup announced that they had reached 1 million paid subscribers, so you know it’s popular. For those more frugal with their pennies, there’s a free version too!


If you’re heading to Bristol this weekend then find a local adventure with this startup. Similar to the AirBNB ‘Things to Do’ feature, this startup is the place to go for Bristolian activities, and will soon be expanding their network to Birmingham. They love their Bs, so who knows where they could expand to next - Barrow-in-Furness? Brisbane?? Bermuda Triangle???


Need something a little more European? This startup has a similar concept to that of Yuup, but instead features local tours and experiences in cities across Europe, hosted by tour guides who live in the area. From Brussels, to Paris, to Ljubljana, there’s something for everyone. Deemed the leisure equivalent of ‘UBER’, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this startup blow up globally.


Why not use the 3-day weekend to fulfill your captaining dreams? This startup specialises in boat, catamaran, and super yacht rentals, with or without crew for all boating abilities. You can search through over 35,000 boats worldwide, so there has to be something for everyone. The startup was founded in 2019, and has clearly come a long way in those 3 years.

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